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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


The Halloween movies are some of the most classic horror flicks out there, and the slash ‘em up villain of the movies, Michael Myers, is one of the most recognizable horror villains ever. And with Halloween coming up in 2 days, this seems like a great time to get spooky up in here. So get ready, it’s time to ask the question “What if Michael Myers was real?” Video by YouTuber Lifes Biggest Questions.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Watch TRASH O RAMA 2017 CHRISTMAS Video Mixtape

Welcome one and all to the 17th episode of Trash-O-Rama, Austin Popdan's 40-60 minute series of themed video mixtapes inspired by the likes of Forbidden Transmission and the Hypnotic Eye. For those unaware a video mixtape is the "best parts"of movies, tv shows, music videos, commercials or whatever edited together in a certain fashion.

Today's theme? Christmas! In our first ever Christmas special expect Coca Cola, heavy metal, mutant snowmen, punk rock, Mr. Bean, gore, nudity and a mall Santa snorting coke before getting stabbed in the groin by an elf!
View more episodes of Trash O Rama video mixtapes at Austin Popdan's archive account under the user name JamesBatman.

Sunday, December 24, 2017


Video by Youtuber Matt Harden:
"This is a mash-up between Halloween and Home Alone where I attempted to bring together two completely different films for the sole purpose of making them fit as one. The main character, Kevin, goes from being a cute and innocent child to becoming a dark force, thanks to assistance of Halloween audio."

Friday, December 22, 2017

3 DEAD TRICK OR TREATERS (2017) World Tour Artwork / Poster Collection

I love this film, I ordered it on VHS a month ago. Limited to 25 hand-numbered copies, 24 are gone. Christmas is 3 days away, treat yourself to the last and only physical copy of 3 Dead Trick or Treaters currently available anywhere here at Videonomicon.

Torin Langen's 12/10/2017 Facebook post: With yesterday's Japanese screening of 3 Dead Trick or Treaters capping off the 2017 World Tour, I️ thought I️ should archive the design work I️ did for the shows in some capacity. These are all the ads that I️ personally designed, not including a handful of event posters and work that the individual venues/promoters put together. This was a great change of pace from everything else that went into organizing these shows, but the workload definitely ballooned out of control!


Friday, December 15, 2017

ART THE CLOWN Artwork / Poster Collection Part 1

Fan art, official posters and prints featuring Art the Clown in All Hallows Eve (2013), Terrifier (2017), and Terrifier 2:

All Hallows Eve Poster

All Hallows Eve Poster

All Hallows Eve Fan Art Poster by Mario Frias

All Hallows Eve DVD/Blu-ray Cover

Early All Hallows Eve Poster

Terrifier Teaser Poster

Terrifier 2 Teaser Poster

Terrifier 3 Fan Poster by Jack-O @trickhorrortreater

Terrifier Poster by Rick Melton

Terrifier Poster by JFear

Terrifier Fan Art Poster by Mario Frias

Terrifier Fan Art Poster by Mario Frias

Terrifier Fan Art Poster by Mario Frias

Terrifier Fan Art Poster by Mario Frias

Terrifier Fan Art Poster by Mario Frias

Terrifier Fan Art Poster by Steve McGinnis

Terrifier Poster with Art the Clown and Pennywise (from original mini series and remake films) Fan Artwork by Alberto Garcia

Terrifier and IT Poster Mashup Fan Art by William Anderson, buy print at psychoslaughterman.storenvy.com

Official Terrifier Poster

1st Terrifier UK Poster

2nd Terrifier UK Poster

Official Terrifier Final Poster. Terrifier will arrive in select theaters, COMPLETELY UNCUT, as part of a new monthly screening series called “Dread Central Presents” on Thursday, March 15th, and Friday, March 16th. It will be available on VOD March 27th...read more at DC or watch the trailer here.

Terrifier House of Terror @TerrorThreads.com

Terrifier Silent Treatment Poster @TerrorThreads.com

Terrifier Circus Poster @TerrorThreads.com

Terrifier Man Of The Hour Poster @TerrorThreads.com

All Hallows Eve by Nancy Galvez at nancygalvez.tumblr.com

Terrifier by Nancy Galvez at nancygalvez.tumblr.com

Art the Clown 1st Fan Art by liquid-venom at deviantart.com

Art the Clown 2nd Fan Art by liquid-venom at deviantart.com

Fuzz in Terrifier Poster, buy 11″ x 17″ SIGNED Print at fuzzonthelens.com

Terrifier 2 Official Poster by @samhain1992

Terrifier 3 Official Poster by @unclefrankproductions

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Watch FOOL ME ONCE Short Film

SYNOPSIS: SHAME ON YOU...In this Goosebumps-esque short horror film, a juvenile plan to obtain more candy on Halloween backfires on two trick-or-treaters as they venture out past curfew despite reports of a ritualistic murderer on the lose.

Directed by Justin Wiggins, Screenplay by Justin Wiggins & Michelle Rubin, Story by Michelle Rubin, and Starring Sanne Johnson Lund, Hayden Hancock, John R. Sabine, Carole-Anne Fooks.


Thursday, December 7, 2017


Awesome film for sale on VHS with full color sleeve, WNUF Halloween Special, a 2013 found footage film made to look like an old VHS recording of a paranormal local news program from the late 1980's/early 1990's with fake commercials. I bought the film a few years ago when it was only available on VHS with a plain black cardboard cover, it was then later released to DVD. If you're like me and loved watching Sightings, Unsolved Mysteries and Ed and Lorraine Warren back in the 80's/90's, you'll love this film too. Check out the Alternative Cinema link, description, trailer, review and more pics below:


Halloween 2017 Edition on Black VHS Cassettes. Manufactured by Camp Motion Pictures for the Chiller Theatre Horror Expo in NJ!

For decades, obscure film collectors and lovers of esoteric cinema have sought it... Finally, the search is over… Originally broadcast live on October 31, 1987, the "WNUF Halloween Special" is a stunning exposé of terrifying supernatural activity that unfolded at the infamous Webber House, the site of ghastly murders. Local television personality Frank Stewart leads a group of paranormal investigators including Catholic exorcist, Father Joseph Matheson and the prolific husband-and-wife team Louis and Claire Berger. Together, the experts explore the darkest corners of the supposedly haunted Webber House, trying to prove the existence of the demonic entities within. Did they find the horrific truth or simply put superstitious rumors to rest?

"It's a legendary broadcast. Even though most collectors haven't even seen it, they've heard about it. With each passing year its cult status grows." - Robin Bougie, Cinema Sewer

"Holy crap - I remember this airing when I was a kid! Craziest thing I\'ve ever seen on live TV!" - Eduardo Sanchez, co-creator of The Blair Witch Project

WNUF Halloween Special Trailer:

Dr. Wolfula Review - "WNUF Halloween Special"

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Brief History of the MICHAEL MYERS Mask After Filming HALLOWEEN (1978) & II (1981)

Original mask used in both Halloween '78 and Halloween II '81 as it looks today.

A very informative video by Youtuber Ryan Mingcharoen. Most of the pictures and information were gathered from www.Michael-Myers.net and a screenshot from a video by Joshua Warren which is also worth checking at https://youtu.be/VHawn3tP5Jw, or watch both videos below:

The video below aired in 2001 for a local television news segment for an eastern United States news station. It's pretty spectacular footage as it shows the original HII mask, coveralls, knife and scalpel as well as the often hidden Ken Hertlein 'RARE" mask. The most interesting thing about this video is the shiny paint used on the actual HII mask. The footage was edited to show just scenes where the mask was shown and slowed down the small parts showing the original HII mask. Video by Youtuber GalaxyJDW.

The Halloween II scalpel and....

...boots as they look today.

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