Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Help Fund SHRIEKSHOW (2020) Horror Anthology Film

An Indiegogo campaign to help finish filming Brad Twigg's Shriekshow, a horror anthology set on Halloween night that follows four friends as they break into a supposedly haunted abandoned amusement park for a night of partying, once inside they stumble upon a sinister Ringmaster setting up a carnival who regales them with four tales of terror. Below is the pitch video, a few paragraphs and some of the perks from the campaign page. If you believe in supporting indie horror, then please check out the full Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Campaign Pitch Video:

"We are turning to family members, friends, film enthusiasts, and supporters of the arts to help us raise at least $10,000 to help finish production and cover marketing expenses. The funds will be used for the remaining production costs, post-production, perks, fees, and shipping. Money raised in addition to the $10,000 will help cover marketing costs such as convention appearances, film festival submission fees and reducing Fuzzy Monkey Films' initial merchandise costs. We started production in the Fall of 2019 and have currently shot half of the film. This Spring we plan to begin production again and shoot the rest of the movie. By contributing to our campaign not only will you be able to help us complete Shriekshow, but you'll get some awesome perks as well."

Shriekshow stars Chris O'Brocki (Bounty) and features legendary horror actresses Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Tuesday Knight (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master) and Beverly Randolph (The Return of the Living Dead). The film is being produced and directed by prolific indie horror filmmaker Brad Twigg (Killer Campout) with a screenplay by Todd Martin (Volumes of Blood), Douglas Snauffer (Witchouse II: Blood Coven) and Chris O'Brocki (Fear of Clowns 2). Joining them as producers are Daniel Brooks (WrestleMassacre), Chuck Harding (Amazon Hot Box), John Meacham (Art of the Dead) and Darren Ricci (Night of the Living Dead: Rebirth). Grammy Award winning artist Rocky Gray (Evanescence) is composing the score.

IMDb SYNOPSIS: It’s Halloween and best friends Alex, Riley, Sage and Kyle head to the old abandoned fairgrounds to party. The group finds a circus tent and encounter a ringmaster setting up a sideshow exhibit inside. The showman tells the friends four terrifying tales revolving around various items he procured during his travels over the years. Things soon take a horrifying turn when they realize the ringmaster is not what he seems, and an ancient evil has been awakened. Now they must fight for their lives in order to survive Devil’s Night.

Teaser Trailer:

Some of the Perks:

Blu-ray/Poster combo $35

DVD/Poster combo $30

Signed Blu-ray $25

Signed DVD $20

Poster A signed by the cast and crew $15

Poster B signed by the cast and crew $15

Poster C signed by Felissa Rose, Tuesday Knight and Beverly Randolph $40

Special Thanks $10

T-shirt $25

Teaser Poster:

Coming Soon Poster:

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

GIGI SAUL GUERRERO Set to Direct 10-31 from Producer ELI ROTH

Gigi Saul Guerrero Set to Direct '10-31' from Producer Eli Roth

Deadline has reported that Orion Pictures has brought on Gigi Saul Guerrero to direct the Halloween horror slasher film '10-31', a project that Roth has called "one of the best, scariest premises for a horror film that I have read in years", and has “all the ingredients of a new classic.” Gigi Saul Guerrero is an actress, writer, director, co-founder of Luchagore Productions, and a rising voice in the horror sphere with several shorts (Evil Dead in 60 Seconds, Luchagore Christmas), series (The Purge, La Quinceañera), and anthologies (ABCs of Death 2, Mexico Bárbaro) under her belt. We are so ready for this film to be a reality.

IMDb SYNOPSIS: A young woman takes her niece and nephew trick-or-treating and discovers a note inside a candy wrapper that says there's a killer loose on her block.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Happy Happy HALLOWEEN Neca HALLOWEEN III Action Figures

Neca's three-pack of Halloween III trick or treater action figures set to arrive in February 2020 for $49.99. Clothed figures stand approximately 6" tall, each comes with trick or treat bags and two interchangeable before and after heads (one normal Silver Shamrock mask and the other melted). Also includes a lenticular effect TV broadcasting the Silver Shamrock commercial.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Watch NOCHE DE BRUJAS Short Film

Writer and Director Augusto Almoguera‘s 2017 horror/comedy short Noche de Brujas, title translates to Halloween and synopsis translated to: Two friends (Veki Velilla and Dunia Rodriguez) prepare for a heart attack Halloween party. Spanish language with English subtitles.

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