Saturday, March 28, 2015

HALLOWS EVE (2013) Poster, Trailer, Screencaps and Review

Directed by Sean McGarry, Writen by Raymond Mamrak, Starring Danielle Harris, Raymond Mamrak, Courtney Baxter, Ashley C. Williams, Tiffany Shepis, Chance Michael Corbitt, Josh Flitter, Ricky Rude.

SYNOPSIS from On Hallows Eve, a malicious prank leaves a young farm girl facially mutilated and emotionally scarred. Ten years later, the kids responsible for that horrific accident return to Bates Farm, but this time their sins do not go unpunished.

A low-budget revenge slasher flick with OK gore effects, bad acting and douchey characters but I did enjoy the Halloween Scream Park setting. I was expecting Danielle Harris to have a larger role in the film but she's really only one of an ensemble cast. You can watch the film here on YouTube.


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