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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2018! Human Jack O' Lanterns

A collection of animated gifs of Jack O' Lantern's carved out of human heads or bodies from short films, movies and more. Spoiler Alert!

Scenes from A Strange Kind of Pumpkin Watch the full short film on YouTube.com:

Scene from Bad Apples (2018) Watch the full film on TubiTV.com:

Scene from The Barn (2016) Watch the full film on TubiTV.com:

Scene from Candy Corn (2019) Watch the full film on TubiTV.com:

Scene from Carved Watch the full short film on YouTube.com:

Scene from Don't Do It! Watch the full short film on Vimeo.com:

Scene from Halloween (2018) Trailer #2 Watch on YouTube.com:

Still from Halloween (2018):

Close up image of the jack o lantern head prop from Halloween (2018):

Scene from Psychoville Halloween Special Watch the clip on YouTube.com:

Scene from Terrifier (2017) Watch the full film on TubiTV.com:

Scene from Trick 'r Treat. Looks like Sam started to carve a jack o lantern around Emma's eye but didn't finish the job. Watch the full scene on YouTube:

Makeup Tutorial by Glam&Gore Watch the video on YouTube.com:

Ryan Stock The Human Jack-O'-Lantern Watch the video on YouTube.com:

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

HALLOWEEN (1978) Color Corrected Scenes

Just for fun Halloween: The Sister Trilogy enhanced the shots below to make it look more like fall.

Halloween: TST is an artistic Tribute to John Carpenter's H1, H2, & H20 with Original Halloween Artwork & Content by David Burk. Check out more art at the Facebook link below...


Rumble Dog Pictures' video below also color corrected the daytime scenes and added falling leaves to the scenes from their fan edit film they created on vimeo called Halloween: The Night of Michael Myers. Check out the scene below or watch the full fan edit film at: https://vimeo.com/239669261.

Rumble Dog Pictures is an Independent Canadian production company focusing on highly original feature films, shorts and fan edits for your viewing pleasure. Check them out online at...

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rumbledoginc/
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/rumbledog
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI8F8bywEW_4D0oHq8kl5UA

Monday, October 29, 2018


It’s finally here! A 27 min audio/visual halloween feast: The Bird Peterson Halloween Spooktacular! Music by Bird Peterson. Visuals by &/OR.

Count Peterson (producer/artist/hot teen vampire) returns to the scene of the crime with his critically acclaimed Halloween Spooktacular, an undead feast for the stage and screen! Join us as we celebrate the birth of Satan with an audio/visual spectacle that is guaranteed to “conjure up some spirits.” (Mark Preenust, USA NOW).

There will be an orgy of nostalgia as we sever the limbs of an array of spooky classics and haunted favorites and throw them into a big “boo stew” that’s sure to joyfully scare the living shit out of you. And if that ain’t enough, you should realign your expectations of your life. Jerk. - The Dark Lord

Don't have 27 minutes? Have a quick taste of the teaser trailer...

...or watch the full 27 minute video mixtape below...

The Bird Peterson Halloween Spooktacular from & / OR on Vimeo.

...or listen at...
Soundcloud: https://tinyurl.com/BPHSsoundcloud
Mixcloud: https://tinyurl.com/BPHSmixcloud

Click here to watch more Halloween Video Mixtapes.

Sunday, October 28, 2018


If you liked the Michael Myers, Sam, Halloween III masks & Chucky Cutout Decorations and Trick 'r Treat Sam Vintage Cutout Decorations I posted in September, here are two more sets of archival quality prints cutout in the style of classic Halloween decorations. Each piece is quality laminated to make sure it is safe for many Halloweens to come. Tallest cutout is 11" and shortest diameter is 8".

Each figure is printed on 65lb weight cardstock in high resolution. Each piece is then laminated to make sure the piece is durable for many years to come. Then it is held together by metal fasteners. The design is influenced by classic decorations created in the early to mid 1900's. Each figure is drawn & designed by Ryan Dowell and is up for sale at his etsy shop.

Halloween Film Series Vintage Style Cutout Collection includes 1 each with Michael Myers, the first film's Jack O Lantern, Young Michael & Jamie Lloyd Clown Mask for $18.00.

Halloween 3 Season of the Witch Vintage Style Cutout Set Limited Edition includes 1 each of the Pumpkin, the Skull & the Witch Silver Shamrock Halloween III masks for $15.00.

Set of 7 Vintage Style Halloween Film Series Cutout Decorations Michael Myers, Halloween III Masks + More combines the above two sets for $30.00.

Check out Ryan Dowell Art etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/RyanDowellArt

Saturday, October 27, 2018


Return of the Witch is a 2018 short-form fan-film written and directed by Brandon Tobatto and based on 1982’s Halloween III: Season of the Witch. It stars Shanna Ammons, Brandon Tobatto, Stephen Hughey, and Brent Wolfram. The film continues the story elements as seen in the original film, albeit 36 years later. Check out the teaser trailer followed by the full fan film below:

Teaser Trailer:

Return of the Witch (2018) Fan Film:

Like, share, and subscribe if you enjoy the film! Rate the film on IMDB after you watch! Also, check out Brandon Tobatto and his team's other recent fan-films below, as well!




Watch GHOSTFACE (a SCREAM fan-film):

Watch SAWYER (a TEXAS CHAINSAW fan-film):

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