Monday, April 26, 2021

ATTACK OF THE DEMONS (2019) Arrives on SHUDDER Today 4/26/2021

Dark Star Pictures Attack of the Demons (2019) arrives on Shudder today, as part of the streaming service's Halfway to Halloween collection of movies and series available in April. The Halloween-set horror film is written, directed, paper stop motion animated by Eric Power and described as “South Park” meets Evil Dead.

IMDb SYNOPSIS: The year is 1994 - For centuries, a demonic cult has been plotting the destruction of mankind. When a small Colorado town is overrun by a legion of mutating demons, three non-demon hunter friends must use every skill their minds can fathom to stave off the demon apocalypse.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

FOR THE SAKE OF VICIOUS (2020) Arrives on VOD Today 4/20/2021

For the Sake of Vicious was released in select theaters on April 16, arrives on VOD today, April 20th, and a Blu-ray release will follow on May 4th. The Federgreen Entertainment and Raven Banner Entertainment Action/Horror/Thriller film is directed by Gabriel Carrer and Reese Eveneshen, and stars Laura Burke, Nick Smyth, and Colin Paradine.

IMDb SYNOPSIS: Romina, an overworked nurse, and single mother returns home from her late shift on Halloween night to find a maniac hiding out with a bruised and beaten hostage. When an unexpected wave of violent intruders descends upon her home, the trio realize the only way out of the situation is to work together and fight for their survival.

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Dissecting Horror - FOR THE SAKE OF VICIOUS Live Filmmaker Q&A with Dread Central:

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Monday, April 19, 2021

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT WILL SCARE YOU (2020) Poster, Trailer, Crowdfunding Campaign

What Happens Next Will Scare You is an anthology film that includes eight spooky segments and a wrap around story. Made by the creators of WNUF Halloween Special and the upcoming film WNUF Halloween Sequel, Writer/Director/Producer Chris LaMartina and Writer/Producer Jimmy George.

WNUF Halloween Special is currently streaming on Shudder or you can watch horror host Aurora Gorealis (aka Chris LaMartina's wife) and Party Werewolf (aka Chris LaMartina) in SHOCKTAIL HOUR presents WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL Watch Now on Facebook.

Watch the trailer after the synopsis below and check out all 3 perks ($15 for a digital download, $25 for a DVD, $50 for DVD and a special thanks in credits, or pledge any amount you wish). Plus full info about the film and filmmakers at Kickstarter link:

IMDb SYNOPSIS: Staying late in their office, a motley crew of clickbait writers are watching the top thirteen scariest viral videos in preparation for a Halloween listicle, but when an early entry curses whoever watches the cryptic link, our snarky hipsters must distinguish fact from fiction before a tidal wave of terrifying supernatural activity leads to real-life murders.


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Watch CARVED Short Film

When a popular Youtuber decides to do a pumpkin carving tutorial, a dark force is released to stop her. Created by Tarrell Christie and Claire Wright from Lost Utopia Films. Starring Nikyah Christie and Liam Tate.

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