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Friday, February 27, 2015

THE PUMPKIN KARVER (2006) Poster, Trailer, Clips, Review and Screencaps

Directed by Robert Mann, written by Robert Mann and Sheldon Silverstein and stars Michael Zara, Amy Weber, Brian Kary, David J. Wright, Bryan Jamerson, Minka Kelly, Terrence Evans.

SYNOPSIS from IMDb.com: Jonathan and his beautiful sister have moved to a new town in order to start over, leaving a horrible past behind. With the future looking bright, they kick things off with a wild Halloween party on a deserted farm. But there's one guest who wasn't invited and won't let them forget their past. A gruesome pumpkin-headed killer is ready to party - and dying to do some carving. This year, don't answer the door, the trick or treat bags are body bags.

A low budget straight to DVD Halloween slasher film with a lot of fun, gory and weird kill scenes. It is a horrible movie but I just love all the Halloween decorations, jack o lanterns, costumes, colors and the pumpkin headed killer looks cool. Watch the full movie here on YouTube.


Screencaps (Spoiler Alert):

The Halloween Party Scene:

The Gore Scenes:

The Campfire Scene:

The Pumpkin Headed Killer:

The Pumpkin Carving Contest Scene:

The Jack O Lanterns:

Movie Clips:

Amy Weber Attacked:

Minka Kelly Attacked:

Terrence Evans Texas Tea

Review: The Pumpkin Karver (2006):

Watch the Full Film in this YouTube Playlist:

WHERE TO WATCH The Pumpkin Karver (2006):

Back of DVD cover:

Orange and Black Poster / DVD Front Cover:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

MICHAEL MYERS Kill People Series 2 Bootleg Action Figures

Michael Myers action figures modeled after the Fisher Price Little People peg figures of our childhood created by Jack's Attic.

110 total figures will be available in fifteen (15) different variants with at least five (5) and as many as fifteen (15) of each design up for grabs.

Michael Myers Kill People Series 2 Bootleg Action Figures will go on sale Saturday February 28, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST for $8 at:


You can buy Jason Voorhees Kill People Series 1 plus other Voorhees figures now at the link above as well.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

BERKSHIRE COUNTY (2014) Poster, Trailer, Movie Clip, Interview and Stills

Berkshire County is a Halloween home invasion horror/thriller feature film directed by Audrey Cummings, written by Chris Gamble, edited by Michael Mason, produced by Bruno Marino and starring Alysa King, Samora Smallwood, Bart Rochon, Aaron Chartrand, Robert Nolan, Madison Ferguson, Cristophe Gallander and Leo Pady. The film had it's World Premiere on Oct. 5, 2014 and next will be hitting 18 Landmark Cinemas across Canada on JUNE 3, 2015 as part of the Canadian Indie Film Series.

SYNOPSIS from IMDb.com: Kylie Winters, a bullied and self-loathing teen, reluctantly agrees to babysit at an isolated country mansion on Halloween night. When a small boy in a pig mask appears at the door trick-or-treating, Kylie's night transforms into a horrifying and violent cat-and-mouse game. She must go beyond what she ever thought possible if she and the children are to survive the night.

Watch Berkshire County Trailer from Raven Banner Entertainment on Vimeo.

Watch Berkshire County - clip from Raven Banner Entertainment on Vimeo.

KATIE CHATS with Writer/Director AUDREY CUMMINGS about her film, "BERKSHIRE COUNTY"

For more information visit:
Official website: http://www.berkshirecounty-themovie.com/
Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BerkshireCountyMovie
Canadian Indie Film Series: http://canadianindiefilmseries.com/films/berkshire-county

Monday, February 23, 2015


A tribute to Trick r' Treat (2007), with "Scary Song" by horror punk band Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

THE BARN (2016) Official Trailer, Poster and Stills

I've been waiting for this, Fangoria finally uploaded the official trailer for the Halloween horror film The Barn (2015) and It's looks awesome. I love the retro music, the grainy film look and Jon Bailey's cheesy narrator voice. Watch the trailer below.

Produced by Nevermore Production Films, written and directed by Justin M. Seaman and starring Mitchell Musolino, Will Stout, Lexi Dripps, Cortland Woodard, Nikki Darling, Nickolaus Joshua, David Hampton, Richard Billock, James Weldon, Maggi Mizell, Robert Mizell, Hunter Amos and Ryan Nogy.

Synopsis from IMDb.com: Its Halloween 1989, best friends Sam and Josh are trying to enjoy what's left of their final Devil's Night before graduating high school. But trouble arises when the two pals and a group of friends take a detour on their way to a rock concert, finding an old abandoned barn and awakening the evil inside. Now it's up to Sam and Josh to find a way to protect their friends and defeat the creatures that lurk within "The Barn".

For more info visit:

Fangoria Exclusive retro-style trailer takes you into “THE BARN”

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

ShockTillYouDrop.com Review of HELLIONS (2015)

SYNOPSIS from IMDb.com: A teenager must survive a Halloween night from Hell when malevolent trick-or-treaters come knocking at her door.

Click here to view a clip from the film: HELLIONS (2015) Movie Clip, Stills and Poster

Click here for ShockTillYouDrop.com's Sundance Review of Hellions, a Halloween Fever Dream.

Official website: hellions.nartiv.com
Like on Facebook: facebook.com/hellionsmovie
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