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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

HALLOWEEN - You Think You Know Movies?

Halloween Fact: Did you know that director John Carpenter and his crew bought the original Michael Myers mask for $1.98? More Halloween facts in this video by ScreenCrush:

Friday, November 20, 2015

HALLOWEEN III Silver Shamrock Masks Yard Display and Cake

Here are 3 pics of Jackson Garland's 2015 Halloween yard display inspired by Halloween III: Season of the Witch. He dressed up three dummies to look like kids wearing the film’s three death masks, and sat them around a TV – with the Silver Shamrock commercial playing on it.

Check out video footage of the yard display below:

Swank Cake Design made this cake to compliment the showing of "Halloween 3" at last month's 7th Annual Halloween Bash at the Myers House NC. Skull, Jack-O-Lantern, and Witch "masks" are cake and an actual working TV was incorporated into the TV cake to play the Silver Shamrock TV commercial:

Here's a video of the cake below:

7th Annual Halloween Bash at the Myers House NC! from Swank Cake Design on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

HARUM SKARUM: The Most Horrific Child’s Game Of All Time.

A dirty black box arrives in the mail. Inside you find a HARUM SKARUM set – a collection of homemade masks, trinkets, little weapons, maybe some fireworks, and a deck of cards that dare the players to commit worse and worse stunts. (“Take a photo of yourself, looking murdered. Send it to the last person you called”). No two sets are exactly alike. Each player dons a mask and lies, cheats, steals, and burns as many bridges as possible in an effort to take away the other players’ masks.

A short film by Blackmagic Rollercoaster, made to look like an ad for a board game. Can you name the film the music is from?


Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Shock Till You Drop shared a clip from the new Robert Englund gory black comedy horror flick The Funhouse Massacre. The film opens in select US theaters this Friday via AMC Independent. Watch the clip below after the synopsis.

SYNOPSIS: On Halloween night, a gruesome group of the United States’ most notorious and colorful serial killers escape from Statesville Asylum and descend on a giant funhouse whose theme is based on their different reigns of terror. The unsuspecting carnival goers think that the carnage created is just part of the show, that is, until they become part of the main attraction. The only people left to stop them are a rag tag group of college kids, a clueless Deputy and the local Sheriff, who seems to have a strange attachment to the leader of this gaggle of maniacs, the silver tongued devil, “Manny the Prophet.

Click here to watch the trailer and view stills from the film: THE FUNHOUSE MASSACRE (2015) Poster, Trailer and Stills


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rebel Flesh HARVEST Music Video

80s inspired Punk/New Wave band Rebel Flesh's "Harvest" is the official song to the 80’s horror film The Barn by Nevermore Production Films.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Watch FIFTEEN Short Film

Fifteen is the world’s first Periscope live stream horror movie taking you inside the life of a serial killer who’s chosen to broadcast his killing spree over the internet in real time. Written and directed by Gavin Michael Booth, the project was developed by Booth and Ryan Turek, director of development at Blumhouse Productions.

The film was aired live, in a single, unbroken taken at 9PM PST / 10PM EST and presented through Blumhouse’s social media and website Blumhouse.com. Viewers using Periscope were able to comment as they watched, giving an interactive play with the killer, nicknamed Truman by the media.

You can watch the rebroadcast of the live film on Vimeo below.

IMDb.com SYNOPSIS: A serial killer dubbed "Truman" by the media has taken Los Angeles by siege, using Periscope video streaming app to film a series of grizzly murders, giving the police and his online audience only fifteen minutes to recognize where he is and who his victims are.

Official Website: http://fifteenthemovie.com/

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


The 5th Feature length production from Mycho Entertainment Group, Cleaver serves as a stand alone Halloween horror flick as well as a prequel to Slasher House. The film is directed by MJ Dixon from a screenplay by Jason Harlow and Dixon, who also produces with Anna McCarthy. It stars Andrew M Greenwood, Stephanie Price, Kate Marie Davies, and Rachel Malone.

Synopsis: 1990 Oklahoma: When Carlton Layton arrived home to find his wife in the arms of another man, he went out to his van and donned the clown suit that he used as a children’s entertainer and proceeded to slaughter his wife and her lover. That night Carlton Layton escaped.

5 Years Later: Halloween Night and Carley, a young college student, is hired to take care of a little girl as her parents head out to a Halloween party, but someone one is waiting, someone wants the girl, someone whom we know as “The Cleaver.”