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Friday, February 24, 2017

Watch BARON VON LAUGHO'S HALLOWEEN SPOOK-A-THON! (1979) Screencaps, Trailer and Poster Art

IMDb.com SYNOPSIS: He's lovable. He's zany. He's insane-y. He's Baron Von Laugho, a Halloween loving clown here to bring you three terrifying short tales to celebrate the wonderful night of Samhain in this TV special from 1979. Once thought to be forever lost has been brought back due to an amazing find---a homemade VHS copy from when the special first aired.

This Halloween themed 1979 TV special features clown Baron Von Laugho introducing 3 short films deemed too bizarre and explicit for repeat airings:

The first short That's No Bear starts off slow with long exterior shots of the woods and follows a hunter returning to his trailer with something lurking outside. I loved the synth score and the twist ending:

Short two is a twisted version of a 1950's style black & white sitcom (laugh track included) featuring a pumpkin headed father and his family called The Karvers:

While handing out candy on Halloween a babysitter has a conversation with a servant of God who knocks on the door in The Hallowed Sin the final short:

The beginning of The Video Dating Show was also on the VHS recording along with the special:

To this day the infamous special is one of the greatest mysteries of all time and may have even included actual murder and other heinous crimes. All that remains of the lost special is footage gathered from a VHS taping from when it originally aired with commercials in 1979. Check out the trailer...

...if you like what you see watch the full hour+ recording below:


WHERE TO WATCH Baron Von Laugho's Halloween Spook-A-Thon! (2016):

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

THE NIGHT BEFORE (2017) Trailer and Posters

Coming this summer Brett Bentman’s The Night Before, check out the trailer and stills below. The film stars Steven Michael Quezada, Rachel G. Whittle, Eric Hanson, Tom Zembrod and introducing Kimi Acosta.

IMDb.com SYNOPSIS: On the night before Halloween, a single mother and her daughter are taken captive in a strange home.

The Night Before Teaser Trailer from Brett Bentman on Vimeo.



Tuesday, February 14, 2017


SYNOPSIS: Can the mysterious new man in town fall in love with a dreamy, lonely girl next door? Find out in this new romantic comedy from the director of "Love the Thing" and "Forgetting Snake Plissken".

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Watch THE CARVING Short Film

Written and directed by Jarret Blinkhorn, who also composed the awesome retro '80s synth score.