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Friday, May 26, 2017

OCTOBERLAND (2015) Trailer, Poster, Stills, Gifs

SYNOPSIS: On Halloween five friends head into the woods to tell scary stories around a campfire...Trick or treaters find more than they bargained for when they go in search of candy. An abandoned house isn't as abandoned as it appears. A costume party takes a sour spin...But the scariest story of the night, might be the one they're in!

Octoberland is an award winning student/independent horror anthology film written by Nolan Sordyl and John Kuder, directed by Nolan Sordyl, and starring Macey Heslet, Ronny Woodburn, Dani Schwinn, Cleo DeOrio, Phil Gasser, Seth Chamberlain, James Nickerson, Kayse Schmucker, Will Bradford, Dan Telford and Joe Delaney. This is the feature length directorial debut for Baldwin Wallace senior Nolan Sordyl, shot entirely in Northeast Ohio.

Each segment is ok for a student/independent film, like most indie-films the acting is bad and the audio is all over the place, loud in some scenes and too low or drowned out by music in other scenes. The opening credits scene is strange (or I guess clever, idk) and the ending didn't make sense, but that guy who played Will was a looker, right John? I enjoyed watching the film but I think most people will find it terrible. Check out the trailer, spoiler gifs, and stills below. If you like what you see watch the full film embedded at the end of this post or on Youtube here:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/octoberland2015
Youtube: https://youtube.com/user/NolanSordyl

Animated Gifs of the best scenes from the film:


Full Movie:

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