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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Watch Two Segments From BAD CANDY (2021) Halloween Horror Anthology Film

On Halloween all things go bump in the night in a quiet suburban neighborhood called New Salem in Georgia.​

Bad Candy is a series of 10 short films that all connect in one ordinary neighborhood on the scariest day of them all. This is a horror anthology in the vein of Tales from The Crypt, Creepshow, Tales of Halloween and Trick 'r Treat. The film is currently in production​ with a release date close to Halloween 2019. Check out the trailer, two completed shorts, and concept art from the film below after the film's synopsis.

IMDb.com SYNOPSIS: Bad Candy (formally known as Psychotronic FM) is a heart-stopping, pulse-pounding exercise in absolute terror; a suspense driven potpourri of ten interconnected horror stories told to a late night radio disc jockey on Halloween eve. On this most macabre of holidays, nothing can be taken for granted not even DJ Chilly Billy (Bill Moseley) himself.

Bad Candy (2019) trailer/promo from Digital Thunderdome Studios:

The opening short of the movie is written and directed by Scott Hansen, produced by Desiree Connell, and stars Iissac Lukas & Kenny Evans as The Clown, with music by Dance With The Dead:

The second short Sweet Tooth is written and directed by Blake Studwell (Frederic Blake on IMDb), produced by Scott B. Hansen, starring Brittney Rae & Parker Raulerson. Click here to watch the short at Vimeo if you can't watch below:

WHERE TO WATCH Bad Candy (2021):

Bad Candy (2019) and Digital Thunderdome Studios links online:

Bad Candy (2019) Concept Art:

Psychotronic FM poster (former title of the film):

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