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Monday, February 13, 2023

What's on Tonight: THE BARN II (2022) Available on Blu-ray Now!

The Barn II (2022) the sequel to the 2016 retro slasher is now for sale at Amazon or a special edition slipcover Blu-ray is also available from The Barn Merch Store from ScreamTeamReleasing.com. I finally got my signed Blu-ray I ordered from the Indiegogo campaign a few of years ago. The Barn (2016) was set in 1989, the sequel takes place in 1992.

IMDb SYNOPSIS: The Halloween ban is now lifted in Helen's Valley, and the sorority girls of Gamma Tau Psi place Michelle in charge of their annual haunted house. Unfortunately for Michelle some uninvited trick or treaters from her past come knocking...

Written and Directed by Justin M. Seaman, with Lexi Dripps as Michelle, Mitchell Musolino, Will Stout, Scream Queen Linnea Quigley and First Jason's Ari Lehman returning for the sequel. Other horror icons joining the cast include Diana Prince aka Darcy the Mail Girl, Joe Bob Briggs, Doug Bradley and Lloyd Kaufman.


"Director and writer Justin M. Seaman has created a movie that lives up to 90s DTV horror and can also stand on its own. I had an absolute blast watching this movie...It’s filled with goofy monsters — including two new ones — as well as inventive kills and all kinds of gore." - Read more at bandsaboutmovies.com

"With big epic moments and direct connections to the original, The Barn Part II is a satisfying, gory romp that left me hungry for more." - 3.5 stars out of 5 by joshatthemovies.com

"The Barn Part II not only matches the original it exceeds it...It’s got beasts, blood, and boobs in abundance, Joe Bob would say check it out even if he wasn’t in it." - 4.5 stars out of 5 by voicesfromthebalcony.com

"With mind-boggling practical effects and a cast list reading like a Who’s Who of eighties fear-fare talent, The Barn Part II feels just like a film horror fans would pull off the rental shelves without prior knowledge about it at their local video store and, two hours later, be glad they took the chance." Read more at whenitwascool.com


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