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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Pre-Order Halloween Anthology HeBGB TV (2022) on Blu-ray, DVD or VHS

Pre-order Halloween horror/sci-fi anthology film HeBGB TV (2022) on Blu-ray, DVD, Signed Blu-ray with Poster or Boxset at Scream Team Releasing HeBGB TV Merch store.

DIY to its core, HeBGB TV is a spooky, sci-fi story that takes you through the horrors and laughs of cable television. This film is a cacophony of comical commercials, perverse puppets, and monstrous music with a naughty dose of 90s nostalgia.


SYNOPSIS: A multi dimensional cable box installs itself into a neighborhood and slowly, the world. Two siblings discover a mysterious package on their porch and are taken on a wild channel-surfing journey through a world of television mayhem. Welcomed by their new friend, The Purple Guy, this brother and sister find themselves standing up to the box’s algorithm to protect their minds.

BloodyDisgusting.com's review describes HeBGB TV as "a high-camp blend of the wistful glow of WNUF Halloween Special, the uninhibited hyperactivity of Rick and Morty‘s “Interdimensional Cable” episodes, and the absurd unpredictability of Adult Swim’s Too Many Cooks. Like those efforts, HeBGB TV is destined for cult status. Genre fans who grew up in the ’90s on a healthy diet of Goosebumps, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, and Saturday morning cartoons will be delighted by the rush of nostalgia from another dimension."

Website: https://www.hebgbtv.com/

Blu-ray Specs:
Region Free (Factory Replicated/NOT BD-R)
Not Rated/Color/16:9 Widescreen/78 Mins

Special Features:
  • Director's Commentary
  • World Premiere Pre-Show
  • Favorite Slashers
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Bonus Shorts
  • Trailers

Signed Blu-ray with Poster:

Also available two VHS editions. First is for sale at Lunchmeat.com Edition VHS. Limited to 100 copies, and housed in large black clamshell cases. 50 Ooey Gooey Brain Juice Green / Purple Composite Videocassettes (Green Body / Purple Flap):

Second is Scream Team Edition but I can't find the direct link on the site for this VHS:



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