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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Michael Myers Returns In Halloween 3D; fan made poster

Originally posted on Bloody Disgusting earlier today:

Some really brief news out of Cannes has Michael Myers being resurrected.

Our sources on the Cannes stomping ground tell us exclusively that The Weinstein Company is once again looking to get Halloween 3D off the ground.

We don’t have the names of any writers or directors attached, although Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier had previously been working on a screenplay. While we may be back at square one, at least the Weinstein brothers once again have Michael Myers on the brain.

It’s unclear if this would be a re-remake, or another sequel to Rob Zombie’s modern take.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) is my favorite Halloween film, I agree with the 2 comments left at fearnet.com/news/news-article/halloween-3d-back-development, I wish they would remake it or some how incorporate Michael Myers in a Silver Shamrock story.

I love this fan made H3 poster by RyTheRetroGuy:

Friday, April 25, 2014

ALL HALLOW'S EVIL (2014) Short Halloween Horror Film

SuperfreakTelevision (SFTV) is an independent film production company that specializes in Horror and Sci Fi short films. Please show your support and visit the channel and subscribe @ http://www.youtube.com/superfreaktelevision. SUPERFREAKMEDIA celebrates 5 years online with this short called All Hallow's Evil.

Synopsis: All Hallow's Evil is an anthology horror set on Halloween night. Halloween is fabled for being the one night of the year where the boundary between the living and the dead is at it's thinnest. You're just forgetting it's the one night of the year where 'evil' gets to have the most fun!

Twitter: http://twitter.com/superfreakmedia
Facebook: http://facebook.com/superfreakmedia
Website: http://superfreakmedia.webs.com

A great little short film that contains witches, an evil clown, a Halloween party, a found footage segment plus many allusions, references and music from other horror films, EVIL DEAD, SCREAM, HALLOWEEN and more.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

FACE: A FRAT PARTY MASSACRE (2012) DVD release date; view trailer

Synopsis: An annual Halloween fear competition between a fraternity and sorority goes awry when drugs, alcohol, and the old battle of the sexes are mixed together. Who will win this year? At what cost? The lives of men, women, and animals are at stake in this unflinching, carnal, and depraved found footage film.

Face: A Frat Party Massacre is available for pre-order on DVD, with a release date of Aug. 19. Buy at Amazon.com or other on-line retailers and stores near you. View the films IMDb.com page.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1987's DOLL KILLER: A JESUS SATAN FILM now available on DVD!

Directed by the late underground filmmaker Jesus Satan, Doll Killer is a "lost" 1987 Shot On Video slasher film that is finally being released over 25 years later by 42ND street films and Retrosploitation!

Synopsis: You've met Chucky the killer doll, now meet Charlie Crandall the DOLL KILLER. From the grim urban squalor a tortured man is compelled to murder women and leave dolls at each crime scene. Is all as it seems or is something more sinister behind the killing spree? Doll restoration artist Stephanie is about to find out when she is stalked during the week of Halloween, 1987.

Read reviews and view screenshots from the film at the official Facebook.com page, IMDb.com page and RetroSlashers.net. Buy the DVD at Amazon.com or CreateSpace.com.

Here are a couple of clips from the lost 1987 slasher remastered from the badly damaged VHS master tape. Clip #1 "Sunken Gardens":

Clip #2 "Trick-or-Treat?":

Here are two Doll Killer (1987) Trailers below:

Actually the movie was shot in 2013 and made to look like it was filmed on VHS back in 1987.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


This is the first in a series of three Halloween III Season of the Witch prints (with Skull and Pumpkin prints coming in intervals later this year) by the Blood Curdling Blog of Monster Masks. These three-color prints are screen printed by hand and measure in at 10.25" x 16.5". Limited to 10 prints on jet black 60lb stock , as well as 10 prints on a mocha black 60lb stock for a faded retro look. Click here to buy for $19.99 + postage at http://devils-workshop.com/masks/prints/H3/h3-1.html. Images below taken from http://monstermasks.blogspot.com/2014/04/h3-screen-prints-series-1-of-3.html

On Jet Black Paper:

On Mocha Black Paper:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

HALLOWEEN magnets and figure by HOMEMADE HORROR

Michigan artist Gabe LaPeer is a sculptor/ graphic designer/ illustrator with a love of "Genre" films. He makes custom designs, sculptures, collectibles and action-figures with a slant towards the dark and gruesome. View more of and/or purchase his work at Homemade-Horror.com and his store at HomemadeHorror.storenvy.com and "Like" his Facebook Page to view when new products put up for sale.

The following “Halloween Three” magnets and the "Little Buddy" figure from Halloween III: Season of the Witch plus the “Sam” magnet from Trick 'r Treat below, plus other pieces, will be available for purchase on Thursday, April 10th at 6pm Eastern.

Here is the flyer for the sale that begins tomorrow:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Donations needed to complete HALLOWEEN HELL (2014); view trailer & promo reel

The world watches 5 teens in a sick game of life or death, when locked up with a Demon from Hell! Starring Eric Roberts, who's blood will you bet on? Halloween Hell (2014) at IMDb.com.

The entirety of the film is shot and production has wrapped, but donations are needed to complete the post production process. Read more about the movie and/or donate at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/halloween-hell

Halloween Hell plot revealed at http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/75162/bloody-birthday-director-takes-you-halloween-hell-plot-revealed

Halloween Hell Writer/Director Ed Hunt Interviewed by Jonathon Freeman-Anderson 2014 at http://www.lafm.com/halloween-hell-writerdirector-ed-hunt-interviewed-by-jonathon-freeman-anderson-2014/

Indiegogo.com campaign video of behind the scenes and trailer:

Here is an 8 minute promo reel for Halloween Hell:

Monday, April 7, 2014

Michael Myers Pizza by Wilhelm Rodriguez

Click Here to view Freddy, Jason, Chucky and Ghostface pizzas made by Wilhelm Rodriguez, a pizza maker at the Puerto Rican joint Papa's Pizza. Read the whole story and view more pictures at: http://www.fearnet.com/news/news-article/pizza-maker-creates-edible-portraits-horror-icons.