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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1987's DOLL KILLER: A JESUS SATAN FILM now available on DVD!

Directed by the late underground filmmaker Jesus Satan, Doll Killer is a "lost" 1987 Shot On Video slasher film that is finally being released over 25 years later by 42ND street films and Retrosploitation!

Synopsis: You've met Chucky the killer doll, now meet Charlie Crandall the DOLL KILLER. From the grim urban squalor a tortured man is compelled to murder women and leave dolls at each crime scene. Is all as it seems or is something more sinister behind the killing spree? Doll restoration artist Stephanie is about to find out when she is stalked during the week of Halloween, 1987.

Read reviews and view screenshots from the film at the official Facebook.com page, IMDb.com page and RetroSlashers.net. Buy the DVD at Amazon.com or CreateSpace.com.

Here are a couple of clips from the lost 1987 slasher remastered from the badly damaged VHS master tape. Clip #1 "Sunken Gardens":

Clip #2 "Trick-or-Treat?":

Here are two Doll Killer (1987) Trailers below:

Actually the movie was shot in 2013 and made to look like it was filmed on VHS back in 1987.

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