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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

What's on Tonight: BLACK MOLD (2023) on TUBI Now

John Pata’s psychological horror Black Mold began streaming exclusively on Tubi on Wednesday, December 6. Billed as a "hallucinogenic urban exploring horror movie," the Tubi Original horror/drama/thriller won Best Indie Feature at 2023's Panic Fest in the US.

Brooke (Agnes Albright) and Tanner (Andrew Bailes) sneak into abandoned, off-limits buildings for the sake of their art and also the adrenaline rush. But when the daredevil pair break into their holy grail – Franklin Hill, a large facility with a history – they encounter a dangerously paranoid squatter (Jeremy Holm) who holds them captive. The longer their attacker keeps them there, the more it becomes clear there’s something else profoundly wrong with the place as dangers surface at the intersection of artistic pursuits and internal sabotage.

Black Mold is a Head Trauma Production, in association with The Line Film Co. and Shatterglass Films. Written/Directed by John Pata and starring Agnes Albright, Andrew Bailes, Jeremy Holm, Caito Aase and Maisie Merlock. Produced by Sarah Sharp, Jen Shelby, Robert Patrick Stern, and Iman Sharabash, with Jill Gevargizian, Tony Wash, and Kevin McGrail as Co-Producers.


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"Despite the obligatory flashback prologue, Black Mold takes its time in building up tension and avoids jump scares in place of a growing sense of disorientation. Don’t come to this movie for the adrenalin ride, as this is all about the performances; it’s pretty much a three-hander. Pata’s movie isn’t doing anything particularly new but he’s good at creating an internal world where escape seems possible but ultimately futile." BloodyFlicks.co.uk

"Black Mold is equal parts darkly beautiful and heartbreaking, with some very effective scares along the way. The characters and their experiences feel real and the chemistry between Albright and Bailes is authentic and charming. Perhaps most importantly if a film is going to make me feel my feelings and address my own guilt and grief I also want there to be some decent blood and violence and it absolutely pays off in that regard as well." DownrightCreepy.com

"Paranoid, dark, bleak, intriguing, moody, creative, unique, trippy, tense, unsettling, chaotic, atmospheric, unsettling, clever, messy, well-made, well-scored, well-shot, well-written, and effective." ★★ Cory at Letterboxd.com

"...you can almost smell the oppressive atmosphere of the enigmatic building. Robert Patrick Stern’s cinematography captures the proceedings marvelously. Pata leaves some loose threads but the final 15 minutes or so provide a heck of a payoff. Black Mold is an eerie chiller that will draw viewers in with its creepy settings and puzzle pieces along with its mesmerizing visuals." HorrorFuel.com

"...a compelling but slow build toward the real emphasis on traditional horror, so be prepared for some patience [...] The performances are strong, and the characters are well-written and relatable. Pata demonstrates tremendous technical skill, and his script is intriguing, darkly beautiful, and delivers enough solid scares to keep horror fans happy." ★★★½, MorbidlyBeautiful.com

"The movie creates an excellent feeling of unease and with effective scares shows the characters slowly losing their sense of reality. Black Mold is an unsettling journey through the minds of the characters." ★★★ MovieReviews101.com

"Visually, this was really cool. I like abandoned settings. Agnes Albright as Brooke and Andrew Bailes as Tanner had a fun relationship and seemed to vibe well throughout. I liked how some of the scenes were edited, especially towards the end, but I didn’t like the trauma angle of this..." ★★½ Night_Shift at Letterboxd.com

"As hallucinogenic horrors start to take over the minds of the characters, Pata expertly turns the abandoned urban setting into a gothic hellscape. Haunting specters, thunderstorms, eerie lighting, and consuming shadows dominate the screen to create an ominous haunted house. And much like the creeping fungus mentioned in the title, Black Mold moves slowly until the very end when the past, present, supernatural, and organic terror all collide." NightmarishConjurings.com

"...deadly spores aren’t particularly new, and I do appreciate some of the grotesque opportunities for body horror in fungus horror. Fortunately, this incarnation takes the added effort of strong character-building and utilizes its great set location to spin a superior brooding story that has some resonance and it is certainly worth a watch." ★★ ScariestThings.com

"Black Mold is a horrifying journey through fear, self-loathing, and guilt backed by incredible performances. Pata cleverly correlates distrust, fear, and the decay of a maddening mind to the abandoned and decrepit buildings that frighten many of us. There is something uniquely ominous about a desolate and forgotten space. Like Brooke, they seem haunted by fractured memories that never fade." ★★★★ SlayAwayWithUs.com

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