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Saturday, May 30, 2015

SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER (2004) Poster, Trailer, Screencaps, Clips and Review


Halloween Around Town Scenes:

Satan's Little Helper and Satan Scenes:

Satan Scenes:

Gore/Kill Scenes:

Halloween Party Costume Scenes:

IMDb.com SYNOPSIS: On the afternoon of Halloween, Douglas Whooly dons his costume in expectation of a fun-filled night. But, when he hears that his beloved sister, Jenna, has found herself a boyfriend, he throws a tantrum and flees the house. Douglas befriends a man in a devil costume and helps him decorate his lawn with fake corpses. Unfortunately for Douglas and his family, the corpses -- much like the murders that will punctuate the evening to come -- are all too real.

A horror/dark comedy slasher flick written and directed by Jeff Lieberman and starring Amanda Plummer, Stephen Graham, Wass W. Stevens, Katheryn Winnick and Alexander Brickel. Watch the film on YouTube here.


Opening Scene:

"Where's Your Pitchfork?" Movie Clip:

Hot Movie Clip:

Behind the Scenes:

Bloodbath and Beyond Review:

full film free at TubiTV.com

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WHERE TO WATCH Satan's Little Helper (2004):

More Posters and DVD front and back covers:

Back of DVD Cover:

Orange and Black Posters GIF:

Friday, May 29, 2015

New TRICK 'R TREAT II Print and T-shirt by samRAW08

New Trick ‘r Treat II/Halloween II mashup print and t-shirt design by samRAW08 from Beware the Horror Blog:

Buy Trick 'r Treat II t-shirt. A closer look at the t-shirt design below:

Original Trick 'r Treat/Halloween 1978 mashup poster still up for sale:

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

HALLOWEEN Audience Reaction From 1979

This is a pretty cool video, an audience reacts to the final moments of Halloween (1978). YouTube user DarkCastle2012 recorded the audio on an old Radio Shack cassette tape recorder inside the Vine Theater (on Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles, CA) when the film was re-released in October 1979 and was doubled-featured with The Toolbox Murders (also from 1978). DarkCastle2012 wrote "sat in the front row to try and capture some of the music audio from both films. The Toolbox Murders' audience was quiet. HALLOWEEN's audience was not."

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

AS NIGHT COMES (2014) Trailer, Poster and Review

SYNOPSIS from IMDb.com: Troubled seventeen-year-old Sean Holloway falls in with a group of teenage outcasts called "The Misfits," known around town for their petty crimes and vandalism. But things begin to spiral out of control on "Mischief Night" - when their pranks culminate into a night of violence and mayhem on the eve of Halloween - and Sean finds himself deeply in over his head.

Released onto DVD today, As Night Comes (aka Mischief Night) is more of a Crime/Drama/Thriller than a Horror film. Directed by Richard Zelniker, written by Ryan Koehn and Richard Zelniker and starring Luke Baines, Myko Olivier and Evanne Friedmann.


Website: http://www.asnightcomes.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AsNightComes

ShockTillYouDrop.com Review: As Night Comes Depicts Mischief Night As a Real Drag

Monday, May 25, 2015


Honeyspider, a throwback horror film set on Halloween night in 1989, has been picked up for worldwide distribution by Maxim Media and will be released to DVD this fall. Unfortunately the film makers weren’t able to hold onto the rights to The Smashing Pumpkins’ song “Honeyspider,” that inspired the title of the film. So here's a video of a pumpkin with the song just because here Halloween is everyday. Pumpkins Forever!

HONEYSPIDER (2014) Official Trailer and Poster

Saturday, May 23, 2015


I'm so excited for the premier of "The Witching Season" which is an anthology of short horror films that will be presented on Youtube as a free web series. The series is influenced by classic anthology shows such as Tales From The Crypt, Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, and Tales From The Darkside. Each episode will tell an original tale of terror set during the Halloween season.

Click here to watch the intro of the series that I posted in March: THE WITCHING SEASON - Horror Anthology Web Series Intro

The trailer of the first episode, called "Killer on the Loose", was released on YouTube today and I'm digging it. The full ep will debut in June and I can't wait to see it. SYNOPSIS: An escaped killer lurks in the shadows of an isolated home on Halloween night

Here's the teaser trailer:

Main Website: http://witchingseasonfilms.com
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