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Saturday, January 28, 2017

THE WICKEDS (2005) Screencaps, Posters, Trailer, Review and Clips

Screencaps/Animated Gifs:

The vampire rises somehow during the day:

The Haunted House movie set:

Coffin Jump Scare:

The Ghost:

Kills/Gore scenes:

Behind the Scenes photos:

A low budget zombie/vampire/undead SOV b-movie with porn star Ron Jeremy and plenty of cheesy blood and gore effects to satisfy any horror fan. Directed by John Poague, written by David Zagorski and also starring Justin Alvarez, Anna Bridgforth, Kelly Roth, Bradford Sikes, Bryan Donoghue, J. Matthew Miller, Michael T. Schneider, Danny Darder and Gabrielle' Dennis.

IMDb.com SYNOPSIS: It started off as the ultimate way to spend Halloween. Seven teenagers travel to an old, decrepit house, the site of a horror movie set and rumored to be haunted. But when two grave robbers arrive seeking refuge from an army of the living dead, it becomes the ultimate fight for survival.


WHERE TO WATCH The Wickeds (2005):

The Dead: Rising, Walking, Falling and Crawling scenes (a video I put together with a song I found on Halloween Shindig's Playlist, the song is not in the film):

More Video of the Dead (with the film's nu-metal soundtrack):

The Wickeds Review:

DVD front cover:

Misleading DVD front cover 1 (this scene is not in the film):

Misleading DVD front cover 2 (no twerking devil bitches either):

UK DVD Cover:

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