Saturday, September 12, 2020

MICHAEL MYERS, HALLOWEEN III, TRICK 'R TREAT Prints, T-shirts, Neck Gaiter, Throw

Pre-Order "Creep Costume" Blacklight 18"x24" Print at

Halloween 1978 Vincent Drug design for sale, contact dismaydesign at gmail dot com if interested:

Pre-Order Season Of The Witch T Shirt Halloween 3 by MacabreManorPins at

The Big Halloween 3 T-shirt or Long Sleeve shirt, Neck Gaiter, and Throw Blanket at

Tricks & Treats Limited Edition 18" x 24" Print at

Coming Tuesday Trick 'r Treat Official 2020 collection at


  1. Wonderful stuff! You find the best pieces. One week til Fall! Hope it goes by nice and slow!