Wednesday, April 27, 2022


It's 1989 and there's a horrid legend. The tale of a Maddy Martha the evil witch who comes out on Hallows Eve to kill those who party and sin. Throwing caution and lore against the wind, a group of young adults decide to throw a Halloween bash. One by one they are killed by a masked murderer until only a few remain. Is the slayer of teens really the witch of legend or a psycho with an agenda? One thing is for sure...this is the Night of the Witch! This short was fully crowdfunded funded on Indiegogo.

Warning: Contains Language, Comedic Gorey Violence, Sexual Situations, and Drug Use. Written and directed by Jesse James Hennessy. Stars John Reddy, Shannon Stroup, Emily Butler, Kelsey Weddle, Kendall Franklin, Mikyla Bordner, Chris Hansen, Kevin Cashion, Kyrstin Vens, Jason A. Young, Tonya Ballman, Tyler Jacob Lucas and Edward Casto. I like the witch that shows up at the end, she looks like the witch mask from Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982).

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