Friday, December 19, 2014

Rare Custom Made CREEPSHOW (1982) Comic Book

UK eBay seller snottysnowy1979 has recreated the comic book seen in the 1982 film Creepshow which is not the same as the Creepshow comic published by Penguin imprint Plume in July 1982. The seller spent many hours looking over screengrabs and scanned pictures of the original prop used in the movie (provided by the owner of the original comic) and has redrawn the majority of the story frames by hand.

The comic features 16 full color pages, which includes the front and rear pages of the stories and the Ad pages featured in the movie. The Inner pages of the comic are printed on newsprint so it looks and feels like a real comic and the cover is printed on glossy 180gsm photo paper. This is the most complete replica out there and took well over a month to create.

Click HERE to view the ebay auction. Here are pics of the custom made prop:

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