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Friday, January 30, 2015

JACK ‘O’ SLASHER (2012) Posters, Screencaps, Trailer, Clips & Review

SYNOPSIS from IMDb.com: Jack 'O' Slasher is a demon from hell with a head full of rotten pumpkin seeds and an uncontrollable blood lust. He is summoned to aid a cult of sinful Satanists to resurrect the Devil and bring eternal Hell on Earth.

Directed by Jennifer Valdes. Written by Fallen Fayth and Jennifer Valdes. Make up and Effects by John Paul Classi and Richard Delgado. Film Score by Samuel Oswald Stone. Additional Music by Bradley Creanzo, RIP Graves, Lies Beneath, Mutant Supremacy, The Saints of Pain, Trial by Terror, Demon Boy, Nightmare Machine, and Thorn Constellation. Starring Omar Cordy, Fallen Fayth, Charlie Corpse, James Balsamo, Jennifer Valdes, Natalie Hope R., Mike De, Diane De Leon, John Paul Classi, Cutthroat Christine Brulotte, Bradley Creanzo, Ashley Kagan, Wanda Ortiz, Genoveva, Robert Youngren, Venus Alers, Destiny Alers, Sparky Drakonis, Kat Hatton,

A fun low budget horror/comedy with hilarious jokes, gory kill scenes, a female Captain Spaulding type character, great costumes and a heavy death metal soundtrack. Plus it all that takes place at a Halloween haunted house attraction. Click here to watch the film on YouTube.




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YouTube User Mrparka Review's Jack 'O' Slasher:

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