Sunday, December 25, 2016

Watch THE HORRORS OF CHRISTMAS Montage/Compilation Videos Part 2

Last year, I posted 3 video's that I called The Horrors of Christmas Montage/Compilation. This year here's The Horrors of Christmas part 2, two more music videos with clips from the following Christmas horror films: Black Christmas (1974), Black X-mas (2006), Silent Night Deadly Night (1984) and part 2 (1987), Silent Night (2012), And All Through the House episode of Tales From The Crypt, Santa's Slay (2005), Jack Frost (1996), Puppet Master, Child's Play (1988), The Gingerdead Man (2005), Gremlins (1984), Krampus (2015), A Christmas Horror Story (2015), Elves (1989), Christmas Evil (1980) and Santa Claus (1959). Set to the songs....

"Santa Claws Is Coming To Town" by Alice Cooper:

"Black Xmas" by Venom:

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