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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Watch WNUF CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (1986) Promo and Commercials

Before the infamously tragic events that happened on Halloween night on 1987 during the WNUF Halloween Special, host Frank Stewart hosted a Christmas Special that originally aired in December 1986. Check out a newly released commercial below advertising Frank Stewart's "WNUF Christmas Special" and re-live Christmas '86 with your buds at WNUF TV-28.

Dr. Bloodwrench presents I SAW THE MUMMY KISSING Santa Claus - To promote the WNUF Halloween Sequel GoFundMe, we're digging up the Ghosts of Xmas Shows past... Exhibit C- Dr. Bloodwrench presents I SAW THE MUMMY KISSING SANTA CLAUS on WNUF back in the mid-80s.

Dr. Bloodwrench presents GOD REST YE HAIRY GENTLEMEN - Dr. Bloodwrench has more horrible holiday horrors in store for you, ya cinematic scrooges. Does anyone remember GOD REST YE HAIRY GENTLEMEN (1954)? One lucky creep who shares this video and donates atleast $5 to the WNUF Halloween sequel GoFundMe will win a free Blu-Ray of "Call Girl of Cthulhu" and a signed poster!

Dr. Bloodwrench presents SCARY CHRISTMAS - Season's grievings! From the WNUF video storage vault, the diabolical Dr. Bloodwrench presents SCARY CHRISTMAS, a December to Dismember with new holiday-horror flicks shown every week! Contest time: Anyone who shares this video, donates at least $5 to our GofundMe, and messages us with all the names of the movies shown (6 total) gets mailed a prize. If you know the clips, the rest is easy. Come on, creeps!

Dr. Bloodwrench presents FRANKENCLAUS - We've dug up even more ghastly goodies from the WNUF video vault. This week, your old fiend, Dr. Bloodwrench screens FRANKENCLAUS... Check it out, creeps!

Btw, we're making a sequel and raising money now. GoFundMe link below. God bless us. Every pun. Save Halloween... Fund the WNUF Halloween Sequel here.


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