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Wednesday, April 24, 2019


This 30-minute short fan film titled simply Michael vs. Jason: Evil Emerges has gone viral with well over 7 million views. The two most iconic horror movie killers face off and battle to the death. Check out the brawl after the description below.

Directed and Written by Luke Pedder and featuring Joshua Pedder as Jason Voorhees and John Pedder as Michael Myers. Keen-eyed viewers will recognize Michael’s mask from the recent Halloween movie (2018) while Jason’s is taken from his other battle royale: Freddy Vs. Jason back in 2003.

Uploaded to YouTube account Radical Talent with this description "A short fan film we did with no budget. Literally no budget. Nothing was raised, no kick-starters. nothing. We used everything we had at the time and worked with what we could. Don't expect this to be a mind blowing $25 million budget movie. It was just me, my family and few mates that put this together."

MICHAEL vs JASON Evil Emerges:

Radical Talent released another iconic square-off last year called Michael Myers vs Leatherface a much shorter 5 minute fan film which has 4.7 million views to date. Watch below.

MICHAEL MYERS vs LEATHERFACE (Halloween vs Texas Chainsaw):

Luke Pedder and Radical Talent links online:

Thursday, April 18, 2019


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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Horror Anthology Series SHARP CANDY Poster and Teaser

Archico Productions new horror anthology series Sharp Candy is coming October 2019 on Amazon Prime and other formats TBA. The series is a throwback to 80's horror novels and will feature previous characters from past shorts such as Baron Von Laugho and Mr. Karver as well as some fresh faces and creatures.

According to the Sharp Candy official series webpage, The first season will revolve around 4 tales intertwining to tell a much grander one during Halloween night.

JANEY'S NIGHT - A young beautiful girl named Janey is terrorized on Halloween night by a supernatural force.​ The first episode is online now, I posted here back in January.

THE PAWNBROKER - A lonely pawnbroker has a special Halloween day sale going on but it won't just be the prices that are getting slashed tonight.​

TOHELL ROAD - A brother and sister are on their way to Halloween rave when they take a short cut and wind up in a hellish nightmare of bloodshed and torment.

​AMERICAN TRICKERS - Two trickers are causing mischief and pranking some of their most hated teachers on Halloween night when they decide to go for the high value target: Principal McLoughlin.

The second season will contain three stories with the theme of mourning and loss.

YOUR STAY - A troubled man alone in a hotel room faces demon during a sudden state wide crisis.​

THE CINEMA - A new employee at a small theater closes up at night by herself for the first and last time...​

THE GOLDEN SQUIRREL - After the loss of his beloved grandmother, Ben Wierzbecki struggles to move on while dealing with a greedy funeral director and a friendly, albeit nosey neighbor.

Check out posters above and below the teaser and three tracks from the official soundtrack. I enjoyed watching Archico Productions' Baron Von Laugho's Halloween Spook-A-Thon! and Baron Von Laugho's Christmas Special, can't wait to see what they come up with in the series.

WHERE TO WATCH Sharp Candy (2019):

Archico Productions links online:

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