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Wednesday, April 24, 2019


This 30-minute short fan film titled simply Michael vs. Jason: Evil Emerges has gone viral with well over 7 million views. The two most iconic horror movie killers face off and battle to the death. Check out the brawl after the description below.

Directed and Written by Luke Pedder and featuring Joshua Pedder as Jason Voorhees and John Pedder as Michael Myers. Keen-eyed viewers will recognize Michael’s mask from the recent Halloween movie (2018) while Jason’s is taken from his other battle royale: Freddy Vs. Jason back in 2003.

Uploaded to YouTube account Radical Talent with this description "A short fan film we did with no budget. Literally no budget. Nothing was raised, no kick-starters. nothing. We used everything we had at the time and worked with what we could. Don't expect this to be a mind blowing $25 million budget movie. It was just me, my family and few mates that put this together."

MICHAEL vs JASON Evil Emerges:

Radical Talent released another iconic square-off last year called Michael Myers vs Leatherface a much shorter 5 minute fan film which has 4.7 million views to date. Watch below.

MICHAEL MYERS vs LEATHERFACE (Halloween vs Texas Chainsaw):

Luke Pedder and Radical Talent links online:


  1. Michael mayers invadiu minha casa i disse q u filme dele eh bao n eh todo dia qui vem um amigu mascarado avisa qual filme eh bao👍👍vlw pela recomendação Man u foda eh q eu to morto agora o deus n perimte filme di terro nu ceu

  2. Peidei fedidu qui ate u Jason sentiu u cheiro e caiu duro igual u sako dele

    1. Calaboka homi quem gosta di filme di terro eh guei prefiro assisti aquele filme onde homis usam blusas rosas

  3. Minha mae gosto Du filmao u foda eh q ela ta tentando vira u novo Michael jaquicon assassino e me deu duas facada orgulho dela te gostado do filme