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Thursday, October 10, 2019


Pictures of custom made VHS covers I found on instagram.com that I try to recreate:

Candy Corn (2019) custom slipcase by @tapewormvideo:

I recreated this clean cover with small differences...

...here's the damaged cover:

Himalaya-Hardware's ebay store is selling this custom Halloween (2018) case and VHS:

I tried to recreate the cover but the lines are not very straight:

RetroReleaseHomeVideo.com has this Halloween (2018) VHS cover art for sale but does NOT contain the film on the VHS:

Here's my recreation with images I found on the website:

More images @TapewormVideo:

I found the clean and damaged Halloween (2018) VHS covers (plus other movie covers) @tapewormvideo.com in the VHS Cover Art section:

Mark Woodhouse's pics @mw_productions...

...and my clean recreation....

...and damaged version:

Halloween (2018) slipcase by @iamsteelberg:

My version with minor changes:

Pics of Jef Overn's contribution to the @slashbackvideo horror VHS art show...

...and full VHS cover by Jef Overn @blackjef:

@schrabhomevideo's custom VHS cover for a fake sequel called Halloween III Part 2 Legacy of Cochran, part of Slashback Video, a horror exhibit/art gallery made to look like a mom and pop video store from the 1980's:

@hauntedgraves's Season of the Witch melting VHS also from Slashback Video:

@vinylhellstickerco's Pumpkinhead (1988) custom VHS cover and tape...

...cover art by @vinylhellstickerco:

Tales of Halloween (2015) custom also by @tapewormvideo:

Not the same as above, but here's a scan of my Official Tales of Halloween (2015) VHS cover...

...and damaged version I created:

@tapewormvideo's Trick 'r Treat (2007) cover art...

...clean cover...

and damaged cover, both found at tapewormvideo.com:

Trick 'r Treat (2007) VHS cover @fansoftrickrtreat:

My recreations, clean cover...

...and damaged cover:

Another Trick 'r Treat cover by @vinylhellstickerco creator of the Pumpkinhead cover above...

clean version found @vinylhellstickerco...

...I added damaged edges:

A Double Feature VHS containing WNUF Halloween Special (1987) and Ghostwatch (1992):

Again the lines are not straight in my recreation:


  1. WOW - These are amazing! People are just so very talented. Love the idea, the artwork and execution.

  2. I just wanted to warn you that there might not be a Trash O Rama Halloween episode this year since I accidentally moved to the video to the recycle bin and didn't notice until I'd emptied it. I don't know if I can recover it but I'm trying. Wish me luck.

  3. Strike that, reverse it- I'm just gonna remake the video. It and this year's Halloween playlist should drop tomorrow.

    1. Good luck with that :) I'm listening to your Jukebox of Horrors vol 4 playlist now. I love that Season of the Witch song by The Kobanes. I'll try to listen to more songs this week :)

    2. Ha I have that Nightmare On Halloween song by The Other in my mixtape too, dropping tomorrow :D


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