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Thursday, September 24, 2020

HALLOWEEN PARTY (2019) in Select Theaters and on VOD on 10/2/20

Play the Game, Tell the Truth or this will be your last Halloween...

Mystery-horror-thriller Halloween Party follows a college student named Grace on a journey to find out who killed her best friend after the girls trigger a cheesy though disturbing Halloween-themed computer meme. With the help of a talented I.T. student named Spencer, the two soon discover that their old college has a terrible secret...

Directed and written by Jay Dahl, produced by Bill Niven and Dahl, starring Amy Groening, T. Thomason, Marietta Laan, Shelley Thompson, Jeremy Akerman, Zach Faye, Scott Bailey, Taylor Olson, Murlane Carew, and Jason Daley. Look for Halloween Party releasing through Red Hound Films in select theaters and on VOD 10/2/20.

IMDb SYNOPSIS: A college student unwittingly releases terrifying entities from her school's past via a Halloween themed computer meme.


Offical Websites and Social Media link: https://www.redhoundfilms.com/films/halloween-party



  1. I watched Halloween Party this October and thought it was kinda cool. It was very different. I'd pick it up on DVD but it only comes in Region 2... stupid. I'd love to add it to the collection, but it's on tubi, so no problem there.

    1. I watched this when it came out in 2020, I liked it too. Need to give it a rewatch now that it's on Tubi. Thanks for letting me know.


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