Monday, September 21, 2020

Watch SATANIC PANIC! Trailer Collection

Trailer for the Attack of the 50-Foot Movie event:

The Satanic Panic Trailer Collection was the 3rd part of Leon Chase's Trailer Collection videos created for Attack of the 50-Foot Movie, an event of free film screenings with an emphasis on weird, campy, and "cult" movies (check out the trailer for the event above). Part 1 (click here to watch) was originally screened alongside "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" and Part 2 was screened with "Phantom of the Paradise".

Here's the SYNOPSIS for Part 3 below: One hour video of vintage horror movie trailers, trippy drive-in movie advertisements, and a whole lotta people getting worked up about Satan. This was originally created to accompany a live screening of the 1986 Halloween horror-metal classic Trick or Treat held at Freddy's Bar in Brooklyn, NY in October 2019. Collected and assembled by Leon Chase.

SATANIC PANIC! Attack of the 50-Foot Movie 03 - Trailer Collection from Leon Chase on Vimeo.

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