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Saturday, February 17, 2024

Currently Watching DARK HARVEST (2023) on AMAZON PRIME

Evil Stalks

MGM's DARK HARVEST originally premiered One Night Only at Alamo Drafthouse Theaters on October 11, 2023 followed by a VOD release on October 13, 2023 and started streaming on Amazon Prime on February 16, 2024.

SYNOPSIS: In a cursed town, the annual harvest becomes a brutal battle for survival. On Halloween 1963, Sawtooth Jack, a terrifying legend, rises from the cornfields, threatening the town’s children. Groups of boys unite to defeat the murderous scarecrow before midnight. Richie, a rebellious outcast, joins the run, motivated by his brother’s previous victory. As the hunt progresses, Richie makes a shocking discovery and faces a pivotal choice to break the relentless cycle.

Directed by David Slade it stars Casey Likes, E’myri Crutchfield, Elizabeth Reaser with Jeremy Davies and Dustin Ceithamer as Sawtooth Jack. It's based on the novel by Norman Partridge. Screenplay by Michael Gilio.

The book the film is based on, "is set during Halloween of 1963 in a small Midwestern town where teenage boys eagerly square off with the butcher knife wielding October Boy, aka Ol’ Hacksaw Face aka Sawtooth Jack.”


I rented the film last October and I just finished watching again tonight and I still love it. I've seen it 3 times and I can't recommend it enough. Definitely the best of the 3 better Halloween Horror Movies released last year. The others being, Cobweb (2023) and Totally Killer (2023).

Everything I liked about it? The story, the music, jack 'o lanterns all around town, the masks (Frankenstein's Monster, Wolf Man, Three Stooges, Richard Nixon and my favorite The Crimson Ghost, are just a few), the crazy gore effects and finally the killer design of Sawtooth Jack which looks like a cross between Pumpkinhead and Sam from Trick 'r Treat (2007).

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WHERE TO WATCH Dark Harvest (2023):


  1. Added to my To-Watch list, thank you for the heads up!

    1. It was surprisingly good! I wish they had used practical effects but it was very well done


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