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Friday, June 7, 2024

What's on Tonight: THE LAST DRIVE-IN with Joe Bob Briggs Presents DONNIE DARKO (2001)

Tonight’s Movie: DONNIE DARKO (2001)! Way to go, a Halloween drama/mystery/sci-fi/comedy/horror film on the 1st edition of Summer School on The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs @joebobbriggsofficial and Darcy the Mail Girl @dianaprincexo on Shudder Live Feed, replay starts streaming on Sunday. Maybe show it on Halloween next time!

Fan Art poster by @ScumbagZomB:

Joe Bob Briggs DONNIE DARKO Drive-In Totals:

Joe Bob & Film Executive Bob Berney Discuss DONNIE DARKO:

If there's anyone who can figure out how to time travel, its @therealjoebob and @kinky_horror. 👏

Darcy the Mail Girl Comes Back from Time Traveling:

4K UHD Cover:

DONNIE DARKO 20th Anniversary Official 4K Trailer:

DONNIE DARKO Honest Trailer:

Custom VHS cover by @poptartvideo:

Custom VHS cover by @vhs_versions:

Custom VHS cover by carlox-andres.deviantart.com:

Watch Donnie Darko (2001) Full Film on VHS below or at Internet Archive:

Japanese DVD Cover:

DVD cover:

Blu-ray cover:

4K UHD cover:

Watch Donnie Darko (Theatrical Cut) Full Film Free with Ads at YouTube:

Watch Donnie Darko (Director's Cut) Full Film Free with Ads at YouTube:

WHERE TO WATCH Donnie Darko (2001):

Here’s the watercolor/ink piece Cody Schibi @codyschibi did during #TheLastDriveIn’s presentation of DONNIE DARKO. Here's what Cody wrote: "Even though I don’t particularly dig this film (GREAT soundtrack though😉) this was fun to do. Thanks again to @therealjoebob @kinky_horror & TLDI crew for a great nite!💚"

Frank Jack O Lantern art by Nicky Barkla @nickybarkla:

Frank trick or treats art by Matthew J Luxich @mattcandraw:

10/3/1988 Newspaper by @shaunwatson87:

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Sunday, June 2, 2024

TRICK OR TREAT (1986) 4K UHD Blu-ray Artwork and Special Features Revealed!

Joblo.com reports: Synapse Films and Red Shirt Pictures will release the 1986 rock ‘n roll Halloween horror film Trick or Treat on Blu-ray and 4K UHD out into the world by October 2024. Special Features and slipcase cover artwork below after synopsis, trailer and review.

SYNOPSIS: This mesmerizing horror adventure takes you into the terrifying dark side of rock’n’roll. Marc Price (Family Ties) stars as Eddie Weinbauer, a teenage outcast who idolizes Sammi Curr, a heavy metal rock superstar. After Sammi dies a violent death, his spirit returns to help Eddie get even with his high school tormentors. In doing so, Sammi begins to gain control over Eddie’s life and brings him deeper into the world of the occult. When Eddie realizes that he has become the tool of Sammi’s evil revenge, he attempts to stop him. The horrifying events that follow leave no one unscathed.

Directed by Charles Martin Smith from a screenplay by Rhet Topham, Joel Soisson, and Michael S. Murphey (with an uncredited rewrite from Final Destination duo James Wong and Glen Morgan). Cast includes Marc Price, Lisa Orgolini, Doug Savant, Elaine Joyce, and Glen Morgan, with Tony Fields as Sammi Curr and special appearances by Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons.


Revisited Review by @JoBloHorrorOriginals:

Special Features:

– Brand new 4K restoration from the original camera negative approved by the original DOP
– 3 Discs (4K Blu-ray, regular Blu-ray, original soundtrack CD licensed by Sony)
– 3 different thick chipboard slipcases to choose from with new artwork on each, with Vinegar Syndrome style slip sleeves over the Criterion-style disc case itself featuring the original theatrical artwork on one side and UK quad art on the other side
– “Rock and Shock” feature length documentary
– Tribute to Sammi Curr actor Tony Fields, interviews with family/friends, never before seen photos, etc.
– 3 audio commentary tracks: one with the director, one with audio interviews with producer and writer, and one commentary track about Satanic Panic hysteria
– 5.1 audio remix, 2.0 track, original stereo track as well
– a still photo gallery so large, it takes 25 minutes to go through
– original Fastway music video for “After Midnight” licensed by Sony
– Horror’s Hallowed Grounds video, hosted by Sean Clark
– Trailers, TV spots, radio spots
– Original electronic press kit
– 60-page booklet with liner notes, essays, pictures, etc.
– 6 double sided postcards
– Fold-out poster of the original theatrical one-sheet on one side, and a replica of the Sammi Curr autographed poster from Eddie’s bedroom wall on the other side

Slipcase A:

Artwork by Justin Osbourn @slasherdesign:

Slipcase B:

Artwork by Devon Whitehead @devondraws:

Slipcase C:

Artwork by Mariano Mattos @marianomattosart:

Reverse Cover Artwork:

Original UK Quad Poster:

Original Theatrical Poster:

WHERE TO WATCH Trick or Treat (1986):

Saturday, June 1, 2024

What's on Tonight: VACATION OF TERROR I & II (1988-1990) on SHUDDER, TUBI, ROKU and YOUTUBE

Vacaciones de terror (English: 'Vacation of Terror') is a 1989 cult Mexican supernatural horror film starring Julio Alemán, Pedro Fernández and Gabriela Hassel. It was directed by Rene Cardona III and the film's main plot follows a wealthy family during a weekend trip to a vacation house only to be haunted by the spirit of an evil witch who was executed there many years ago.

Part I IMDb SYNOPSIS: An evil witch gets burned at the stake, but not before vowing to return and get her revenge. A hundred years later a family arrived to spend their vacation at a summer home located in the same immediate countryside area where the witch was killed. Trouble ensues when little girl daughter Gaby finds an ugly doll that's possessed by the lethal spirit of the malevolent witch.

The film became a cult classic in Mexican horror film history mainly for its lead actor Pedro Fernandez, its villain the haunted doll and for being a pioneer in the genres of supernatural horror and possessions of inanimate objects. A remake is planned. It was succeeded by a sequel: Vacation of Terror 2. The diabolical doll and Pedro return in this sequel directed by Pedro Galindo III. Part II takes place on Halloween, Part I does not.

Part II IMDb SYNOPSIS: Julio is invited to a birthday party for a little girl on Halloween in a closed movie studio. At the party, he notices she has a doll that resembles the one that his little sister had.

Vinegar Syndrome released Vacation of Terror 1 & 2 (1988-1990) on Region Free Blu-ray on Apr 25, 2023. Both films began streaming on Shudder on June 1, 2024. Part I is also free to watch with ads on Tubi and Roku or you can watch the original and it's sequel in low VHS quality on YouTube. Trailer, Blu-ray covers, Where to Watch, YouTube Reviews, Lobby Cards and Stills below.

Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray Promo Trailer:

Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray front/reverse covers and disc scan, from cultsploitation.com:

WHERE TO WATCH Vacation of Terror (1988):

WHERE TO WATCH Vacation of Terror 2 (1990):

Watch Vacation of Terror (1988) below or on YouTube (click on CC for English subtitles):

Watch Vacation of Terror 2: Diabolical Birthday (1990) below or on YouTube (again click CC for English subs):

YouTube Reviews:

Part I Lobby Cards:

Part I Stills:

Part II Lobby Cards:

Part II Stills: