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Wednesday, July 3, 2024


USA VHS cover

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Monstervision VHS cover by @trickhorrortreater:

A Summer Monstervison Double Feature Night:

You can't keep a good zombie down. MonsterVision offers skeptical viewers clear proof in the form of The Return of the Living Dead, a film that manages the tricky task of being both funny and scary. That's "living dead" as in Night of the Living Dead (NOTLD if you please) and "return" as in "not much to do with the first but it's a catchy title." We'll draw the connections between the two films after catching our collective breaths a bit.

Until then how about a plot synopsis? We heard you all panting and pleading, "Please please fill us in." So here ya go: It seems that a big shark, no wait. There's a second-rate boxer who wants a shot at the top -- darn, that's not it either. Ok, zombies. They return. Basically, we've got a couple of working class stiffs (haha, we made a pun) employed at a Kentucky medical supply house. Unknown to them, there are canisters of a toxic chemical stored nearby after a disastrous spill in Pittsburgh in the late 60s (remember NOTLD?). The canisters break open, causing some formerly deceased citizens to prowl around hissing, "More brains," like they own the darn place. Oh, did we mention the punks? Well, there are some, and punks being punks they thought a cemetery was a nice place to party. Perhaps, but not tonight... read more full transcript here!

The Retun of the Living Dead Monstervision Broadcast from archive.org:

Just Joe Bob Briggs hosting segments The Retun of the Living Dead:

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VHS-style BLU-RAY clean cover by 13clerk13.deviantart.com:

VHS-style BLU-RAY aged cover by 13clerk13.deviantart.com:

USA VHS cover:

UK VHS cover:

Japanese VHS cover

Monstervision VHS cover by @trickhorrortreater:

Hold something back? Not us since we're really putting the "monster" into MonsterVision with a freaky big, super-nasty great white shark romping through Jaws 2. The film may be the offspring of a big-budget, almost-respectable smash hit but Jaws 2 doesn't skimp in the shocks and thrills department and we love it for that. To paraphrase Jean-Luc Godard, all you need for a movie is a hungry critter and some dumb townfolk.

When last we left sleepy seaside Amity, the town had been menaced by a predatory great white which was eventually defeated by the police chief, a grizzled sea captain and that guy from Mr. Holland's Opus. But since there's always more fish in the sea, we shouldn't be surprised to learn that the first film's shark was a sort of advance scout for bigger and meaner things. Roy Schneider is back as the police chief, still having to deal with a mayor (Murray Hamilton again) who refuses to close down the beach, apparently having slept through the first film. The shark's tougher, the chief's got bigger guns and there's a super phat, def, chillin' scene involving a helicopter. We're not being deliberately vague on the story, it's just that Jaws 2's austere string of shark attacks and the men who stop them borders on non-narrative experimental film. Hey, who says MonsterVision lacks aesthetic sensibilities?...read more full transcript here!

Jaws 2 Monstervision Broadcast from archive.org:

Just Joe Bob Briggs hosting segments Jaws 2:

USA DVD cover:

USA DVD cover:

USA BLU-RAY cover:

Custom BLU-RAY cover by pipe1987.deviantart.com:

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