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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

HAUNTEDWEEN 2 Indiegogo Campaign Launched

Director, editor and creator of 42ND street films, Dustin Ferguson, is making a sequel to 1991’s HauntedWeen with production expected to begin in August. He's now launched an Indiegogo campaign trying to raise money for the film. However, if it doesn’t hit its goal, it will still get made. Click on the link below to view all the perks and the campaign video:


Campaign Video:

A few paragraphs from the campaign page:

The original HauntedWeen was a 1990’s cult classic that featured an intoxicating blend of Kentucky fried comedy and horror. It ended, like all good horror films, with the promise of a sequel.

Twenty five years later, indie filmmakers Dustin Ferguson (Cheerleader Camp to the Death), Dorothy Booraem (Wake the Witch), and Chad Haufschild (Blood Rites) are teaming up with Doug Robertson (Hauntedween writer/director) to produce the sequel that retro horror fans have been dying for – Hauntedween 2!

The finished product will be a 70-80 minute feature available on VHS and DVD by Halloween of 2015. The movie will be shot in the style of the original film, with maximum gore, humor and country fried local actors and locations. Several well known actors from classic 80’s & 90’s horror films are in talks to play key roles as well.

Watch an edited version of HauntedWeen (1991) on YouTube here presented by Horror Hosts called Reel Freaks. Here is the trailer and a couple of scenes from the original 1991 horror cult classic:

Haunted-ween (1991) Trailer:

Batter Up Dude! scene:

Hanks' glorious Kentucky accent:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hauntedween2
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/RHRHomeVideo

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