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Friday, June 23, 2017

Watch THE TRICK OR TREATERS (2016) Full Movie, Screencaps, Poster, Unrated Trailer

Mike Chester's directorial debut The Trick or Treaters (2016) is the first found footage film shot and told in two perspectives. Filmed when he was 17 with a teenage cast on a literal zero budget, besides the cost of the camera. One handheld camera and a prop camera was used in certain shots to look as if two cameras were being used. All scenes were shot separately one after another rather than at the same time with two recording sources. The full movie premiered online last Friday uploaded to Youtube by the makers of the film RedRoot films, watch it now for free legally here or at the end of this post after the synopsis, unrated trailer and screen captures/animated gifs below:

During a mellow pre-Halloween night of drinks, pranks and old horror films, Amy and Jake film a last minute schedule video for their school's annual Halloween fundraiser, but they are quickly interrupted by a strange group of trick or treaters, also equipped with a video camera. Dismissing it as a prank by their friends, they ignore the strange interruption and continue with their night. As strange things continue to occur and escalate to an extreme level, the students quickly discover that they are dealing with dark individuals...and they don't want candy.

Unrated Trailer:

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Screencaps/Animated Gifs:

Happy Happy Halloween III homage:

The Jack O Lantern faces/masks scenes:

Is that a drawing of the Silver Shamrock Halloween III masks? Awesome!

Happy Happy Halloween Silver Shamrock:

Watch The Trick or Treaters (2016) full movie below. Mike Chester's description: Here it is!!! My first experimental attempt at a film, really hope you enjoy it and thank you so much to everyone who has been so bloody supportive, it is so truly helpful and means a whole lot!! To terrifying for distributors, sure to become a Halloween cult classic!

Watch The Trick or Treaters 2 (2023) Full Harvest UNRATED:

WHERE TO WATCH The Trick or Treaters (2016):

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