Thursday, September 21, 2017

Retro Horror Movie VHS LAMPS, ART and PRINTS

VHS Horror Lamps by Hayley Summers at

Halloween 1978 VHS Lamp:

2nd Halloween 1978 VHS Lamp:

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) VHS Lamp:

The Nightmare Before Christmas VHS Lamp:

Alien VHS Lamp:

Beetlejuice VHS Lamp:

Child's Play VHS Lamp:

Evil Dead II VHS Lamp:

The Exorcist VHS Lamp:

Friday the 13th VHS Lamp:

IT VHS Lamp:

Jaws VHS Lamp:

Night of the Living Dead VHS Lamp:

A Nightmare on Elm Street VHS Lamp:

Scream VHS Lamp:

The Shining VHS Lamp:

Stranger Things VHS Lamp:

The Thing VHS Lamp:

VHS covers painted onto VHS-sized wood blocks by Katie Winchester at

Halloween '78, II and III:

Halloween movie art on recycled VHS Tape by Jessica at

Freddy Krueger VHS art by Jeremy Wheeler at

Jason Voorhees VHS Art by Devon Whitehead at

Video Nasty Print by Tom Hodge at

The Death of VHS Horror Illustration Poster Print by Krisztina Koteles at

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