Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Brief History of the MICHAEL MYERS Mask After Filming HALLOWEEN (1978) & II (1981)

Original mask used in both Halloween '78 and Halloween II '81 as it looks today.

A very informative video by Youtuber Ryan Mingcharoen. Most of the pictures and information were gathered from and a screenshot from a video by Joshua Warren which is also worth checking at, or watch both videos below:

The video below aired in 2001 for a local television news segment for an eastern United States news station. It's pretty spectacular footage as it shows the original HII mask, coveralls, knife and scalpel as well as the often hidden Ken Hertlein 'RARE" mask. The most interesting thing about this video is the shiny paint used on the actual HII mask. The footage was edited to show just scenes where the mask was shown and slowed down the small parts showing the original HII mask. Video by Youtuber GalaxyJDW.

The Halloween II scalpel and.... as they look today.

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