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Friday, March 29, 2019

Watch HOUSE OF PURGATORY (2016) Full Film, Screencaps, Trailer, Posters, Review

SYNOPSIS: Every Halloween stories circulate about a haunted house so terrifying that the organizers give money back to people brave enough to make it up each of the 7 floors. Rumor has it that nobody has ever made it all the way to the top.

Screencaps / Animated Gifs:

House of Purgatory is a horror/thriller written & directed by Tyler Christensen. Produced by Tyler Christensen and Travis Moody. Starring Anne Leighton, Aaron Galvin, Brad Fry, Laura Coover, Lisa Musser, Elaine Ivy Harris, Brian Krause.

The film starts out promising at a Halloween party but when the four main characters decide to ditch the party to go find a haunted house is when it starts to go downhill. The story turns into The Sins of Christianity, it's more of a psychological horror if you're religious with no payoff at the end.

Synopsis, screencaps, and poster above, watch the trailer, film clips, a review, view 3 more posters, and watch the full film free at the Tubi TV link below.


Nothing is Hidden film clip:

Door to the Unexpected film clip:

The Shack film clip:

Promiscuous Secrets film clip:

What's That Smell? film clip:

Review by YouTuber Cml Entertainment

House of Purgatory and Terror Films Links Online:

full film free at TubiTV.com

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WHERE TO WATCH House of Purgatory (2016):

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