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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Help Fund SHARP CANDY (2019) Horror Anthology Series

Here's a bit from the campaign:

"Archico Productions, the creators of Baron Von Laugho's Halloween Spook-A-Thon!, presents Sharp Candy, a new Halloween anthology series inspired by various 80s and 90s horror anthology novels. Sharp Candy will consist of four short horror stories intertwining to tell a much grander one during one Halloween night. The series will feature some previous characters from our work such as Baron Von Laugho and Mr. Karver as well as some fresh faces and creatures, but will standalone as it's own story and series.

The first season is ALMOST DONE! That's right. Music. Editing. Filming. Blu Rays. T-Shirts. All of it. Will be finished by the end of August. And it will come out on Amazon Prime free for subscribers come Oct. 15, 2019 as will Blu Rays/DVDs of the complete first season.
" Earlier this year I posted the Sharp Candy series' teaser trailer, stills, posters and Blu-ray art here and here, or you can watch the first episode free here.

Archico Productions' Dylan R. Nix has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds "to enter the series and particular episodes into film festivals as well as turn out some awesome merchandise in time for the Halloween season such as T-Shirts and Pins ($300). And for any filmmakers out there, you know how much those film festival fees ($500) can be." Watch the Pitch video followed by the series' official trailer and view the perks below or check out the full details at the Indiegogo campaign link above or below.

Sharp Candy Indiegogo Pitch video followed by the series official trailer:

WHERE TO WATCH Sharp Candy (2019):

Another way to help is to share the campaign with friends or follow the series official social media sites below:


The T-Shirt Hoarder perk ($30) - choose a T-shirt from one of five different designs and get a sticker:

The Loyal Fan perk ($5) - sticker:

The DVD Collector perk ($20)- DVD of the first season of Sharp Candy and sticker:

The Blu-ray Collector perk ($25) - Blu-ray of the first season of Sharp Candy and sticker:

The Bookworm *RARE OFFER* perk ($55) - your choice a DVD or Blu-ray, a sticker and a novelization of the first episode by series creator Dylan R. Nix with cover art by Chris Brownett (official art coming soon):

The Horror Nerd perk ($100) - your choice of a DVD or Blu-ray, episode 1 novelization, a 24x36 signed poster, Official Enamel Pin and 2 different stickers:

The Halloween Fanatic perk ($300) - all of the above PLUS one T-shirt and a Blu-ray copy of our first feature film Baron Von Laugho's Halloween Spook-A-Thon!:

The Lord of Samhain perk ($1,000) - all of the above PLUS a special display with one of the masks used in the show, a Producer Credit, your name in the end credits of each episode and on IMDb, and if we do go to any festivals, you've got a seat (airfare and accommodations not included):

T-shirt Designs:

Frankenstein t-shirt

Halloween Night Is Upon Us t-shirt

Knife t-shirt

Laugho The Clown t-shirt

Main Design t-shirt

Promo Art:

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