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Thursday, May 12, 2022

Halloween TERROR TRAIN (2022) Remake on Tubi this October

Trailer Screen Captures (Animated Gifs):

Tubi will exclusively host a remake of the 1980 cult classic Jamie Lee Curtis-starrer Terror Train, but instead of New Year's Eve it will take place on Halloween. The reboot will premiere as part of the streaming platform’s October-long “Terror on Tubi” slate. The slasher film is directed by Philippe Gagnon, written by Ian Carpenter and Aaron Martin, and the cast is headed by Robyn Alomar and Tim Rozon. After the synopsis, watch the the teaser trailer below or check out the screen captures above taken from trailer:

SYNOPSIS: In this contemporary reimagining, eerie excitement is in the air as Alana [Alomar] and a group of college seniors board a party train for a Halloween-themed bash, but their fun spirals into fear as attendees are killed off one by one by an unknown killer. Concealed by costumes and plagued with chaos, everyone is a suspect. As the party train continues full steam ahead, Alana must race against the rails to find the killer before she becomes the next victim.

WHERE TO WATCH Terror Train (2022):

I love how in France, the original 1980 film is retitled to After Halloween and the VHS description says it takes place on Halloween instead of New Years Eve:
VHS description translated from French: Tomorrow is Halloween and students are having a costume ball on a special train. There is music, dancing and lots of drinking! However, among the guests there is a killer...Each time wearing the costume of its last victim, it lures its prey into its nets. One by one, the students get caught.

Bitchin' Halloween costume by @kindertrauma:

Terror Train (1980) Original Poster:


  1. Hah! Never knew that about the original in France. Funny! I'm looking forward to this. Love the original Terror Train, so hoping this is good fun. Tubi has been a boon to me in catching some obscure horror I've never seen.

    1. I hope it's fun too. Yeah Tubi has a better selection of horror movies then most of the streaming services I subscribe too. I watched the Evil Dead remake last week and I'm currently watching Freddy's Nightmares. Great service and it's free. :)


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