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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Summon THE PUMPKIN MAN (2022) Now Free to Watch on Tubi +Reviews!

South Ridge Films and director Ryan Sheets Halloween horror The Pumpkin Man is now streaming free with ads on Tubi. The film was released on Blu-ray, DVD and VHS on September 5, 2023 and is available to order at The Pumpkin Man Merch Store on ScreamTeamReleasing.com.

The Pumpkin Man is a feature length adaptation of The Pumpkin Man: Demon of Fall short film that I posted here in January. Similar events to DoF will play out in this film but the events of that film have not taken place. Poster designed by Casey Booth.

SYNOPSIS: Cromwell is a town whose history is intertwined with that of a local legend; The Pumpkin Man. Most people don't believe the tales, but when Catherine Quinn discovers the missing piece of the legend, she and her friends will come face to face with the Demon of Fall... Kürbis!

Directed by Ryan Sheets, written by Ryan Sheets, Janae Muchmore, Jeff Rhodes, Nick Romary, and starring Ryan Sheets, Barbara Desa, Matthew Beaton, Esteban Abanto, Stephanie Kirves, Ariel Taylor, Krysti Reif and Josh Rutgers.

Teaser Trailer:

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Interview at Spooky Empire 2022:

Ryan & Janae Interview by @checkthecandybrand:

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Jack-O's Review: "A good low budget indie film for what it is, general movie going fans may find the acting cringy and not watchable. But it's full of Halloween vibes, ok gore effects, nothing spectacular, and has a cool looking demon. I give it ★★★ = Good."

More Reviews:

"While lacking in quality, this film compensates with its intriguing charm. Ideal for the spooky season; however, one would hope that after two attempts, the director would learn to white balance—entertaining but needs refinement." ★★ CineDump.com

"The cinematography is very good as is the the lighting. The lighting really gives certain scenes its dream-like quality...The way the set is lit, especially during the scenes we see The Pumpkin Man, really gave me Elm Street vibes in a good way. I do like the overall cast, some overacting and uneven moments do not take you out of the immersion." TheHorrorSyndicate.com

"The story was sort of okay I guess...I wasn't really expecting to sit down and watch a horror movie that sort of felt like it was aimed at a young adult audience. But some of the scenes were rather graphic to be suitable for a young adult audience, so the movie was a bit all over the place...The acting performances in the movie were actually fair...The Pumpkin Man was not an outstanding or memorable horror experience. Watchable, sure, for a few visceral scenes here and there, but you're not in for a grand horror experience from the narrative." 4/10 paul_haakonsen at IMBb.com

"I've followed the South Ridge Films YouTube channel for a few years and I was really excited to see them get a feature film released, so big congrats to Ryan Sheets and the team. The movie itself is quite good for fans of the low budget horror sub genre. The movie looks stunning and and the colors and visuals are great. The cinematography is excellent, and The Pumpkin Man himself looks great and is captured well on film. The film oozes the Halloween season and is perfect for that time of year." 7/10 SlashedProductions at IMDb.com

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