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Friday, May 12, 2023

Watch TALES FROM THE BOOK OF KURBIS Chapters 1 to 6 Short Films

Six Tales. Six Screams. Six Ways To Die. Take part in a bone-chilling indie horror movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Brace yourself for a terrifying journey into the depths of darkness as we delve into a world where nightmares become reality.

Tales from the Book of Kurbis: Chapter 1 - Naughty:

James is a boss who after making his employees work on Christmas Day, learns the true meaning of the holiday. Get ready to meet our first expansion in the South Ridge Films Monsters series with our latest killer, Psycho Claus!

Tales from the Book of Kurbis: Chapter 2 - Witch's Brew

Sam doesn’t believe in magic, curses or witches. But when he orders hexed coffee off the darkest depths of the internet, he learns just how real those things are!

Tales from the Book of Kurbis: Chapter 3 - The Candy Corn Killer

Tales from the Book of Kurbis: Chapter 4 - Cat Scratch

Tara is a young woman with a dark past. But after walking home alone through the woods on Halloween night, her past becomes her present.

Tales from the Book of Kurbis: Chapter 5 - Lady Gwyn

Tales from the Book of Kurbis: Chapter 6 - Kurbis Awakened

The final chapter from the Book of Kurbis series. Kurbis, the Demon of Fall, the one who scares most of all is awakened by a tantalizing spell -

“A howl marks his approach as death draws in near, twisted are his ways and tonight he shall appear. With your scent, he will never stop. He will tear your flesh from bone. But if so selfish you want to live, give a friend’s life for your own.”

The incantation is meant to bring the wrath of death onto others, but instead, Kurbis goes after the souls that brought him to life while unleashing his malicious spirit on the entire town.

Directed by: Ryan Sheets
Executive Producer: Jason P. Herman
Written by: Ryan Sheets, Janae Muchmore, Jeff Rhodes, Nick Romary
Starring: Barbara Desa, Matthew Beaton, Esteban Abanto, Stephanie Kirves, Ariel Taylor, Krysti Reif and Josh Rutgers

Masks by vonJekyllArt: https://vonjekyllart.com/

🎃Website: https://www.southridgefilms.com/

South Ridge Films
The Pumpkin Man
Ryan Sheets
Janae Muchmore
Nick Romary
Jeff Rhodes

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