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Friday, August 14, 2015

Charlie Brown's An Asshole!! HALLOWEEN Special

Coming this Halloween, a new live action / animated special featuring Charlie Brown, the Peanuts gang, Billy Wilkins and Sam in:

AKA It's the Great Asshole, Charlie Brown AKA:

Clips from the Special:

It's almost Halloween and Linus is spreading the word...

Trick or Treating Scene:

What did you get Sam?

"Maybe if I wear Sam's mask, I'll scare people into giving me candy instead of just rocks." - Sam Brown:

With a special guest appearances by Pumpkinhead...

...and Michael Myers:

Charlie Brown's An Asshole!! (Extended clip available online only):


  1. The top image we usually post with the caption ...("I Am the Great Pumpkin. you twit"...)
    Enjoyable post...

  2. We are a Big fan of little "Sam"... One of the Best "New Movie Monsters" in Years....!!!!

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