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THE CLOWN MURDERS (1976) Newspaper Ad, VHS and DVD Covers

Newspaper Ad:

Canadian VHS cover:

USA VHS cover:

Norwegian VHS cover:

Swedish VHS cover:

USA DVD cover:

USA DVD Custom Thinpack cover:

CANADIAN VHS SYNOPSIS: John Candy stars in this gripping murder mystery about greed, lust and revenge. Its Halloween Eve and four college friends plot to kidnap the wife of a wealthy friend at a costume party. Supposedly a practical joke designed to frustrate a midnight real estate closing, the kidnapping is really inspired by the group's lust for their friend's beautiful wife, and envy of his unearned wealth. Their identities and motives masked behind clown costumes, the four soon slip from comedy into deadly seriousness. By night's end, what started out as a joke has become a terrifying nightmare. From beginning to end, this movie will prove you can't clown around with murder!!!

The Clown Murders is a 1976 Canadian drama/mystery/thriller/horror film directed by Martyn Burke. It was one of the earliest films in which John Candy appears. Also stars Stephen Young, Susan Keller, Lawrence Dane, Gary Reineke, John Bayliss, Al Waxman, Michael Magee, Cec Linder, William Osler and Philip Craig. The film is really a boring drama but by the looks of the DVD cover it's marketed as a slasher flick.

Released by Astral Films in its native Canada on September 17, 1976 then released to VHS by Interglobal Home Video in 1987. In the United States, the VHS was released in 1985 by Trans World Entertainment and on DVD in 2007 by Image Entertainment under license from Cinevision International.

I couldn't find a trailer online but I did find this clip from the film:

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