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HAUNTEDWEEN (1991) VHS and DVD Covers

1991 Consumer Video Distributors VHS cover:

Ad for VHS IS DEAD VHS Reissue:

2013 VHS IS DEAD VHS front cover:

DVD Cover:

VHS SYNOPSIS: Twenty years ago a deadly accident forced Eddie Burber from his home. Guess what? Eddie's homesick!!! When Eddie was younger, he never got his chance to be part of the family business, "The Burber Haunted House." Now that he's home, he wants to play. He tells a college fraternity they can use the house as a fundraiser. While the Sigma Phi's prepare their rooms for fun and thrills, Eddie prepares his special room for blood and kills. As cries echo from the house, you wonder, are they screaming for their life or cheering for their death? One thing is for sure. Nobody knows it's really happening... people are dying...and people are laughing.

HauntedWeen is a cult classic 1991 horror/comedy film written and directed by Doug Robertson and stars Ethan Adler, Brian Blakely, Blake Pickett, Brad Hanks, Leslee Lacy, Bentley Tittle, Tim Hubbard, Franklin Martin, Bart White, and Angela Scanlan. Filming took place in Bowling Green, KY by students at WKU, the OLD Sigma Alpha Epsilon house, and a downtown warehouse was used for the interior scenes. "The Burber House" exterior scenes were filmed at an old farmhouse in Richpond, KY. An IndieGoGo campaign was launched to fund the making of a sequel but ultimately failed to raise enough money.

Shot on 16mm film and released on VHS in 1991 by Consumer Video Distributors. Over 2,000 copies were sold with a money back guarantee. No one sent a copy back for a refund. The film was later reissued on a Limited Edition VHS in 2013 by VHS IS DEAD. You can purchase a DVD of the film exclusively at the HauntedWeen official website.

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