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TRICK OR TREATS (1982) Newspaper Ads, VHS and DVD Covers

Newspaper Ads:

USA Vestron Video VHS covers (3 versions of the same cover):

with Horror sticker and with ripped off back sticker:

slightly less damaged edges compared to the 2 versions above:

Norwegian VHS covers:

Portuguese VHS covers:

Spanish VHS covers:

Swedish VHS cover:

VHS cover Resized to DVD cover:

USA Code Red DVD cover: DVD cover: DVD cover:

Custom DVD cover 1:

Custom DVD cover 2:

VHS SYNOPSIS: This sensational suspense thriller centers on a young boy's Halloween hi-jinks and a true madman's thirst for revenge. Mr. And Mrs. Adams (Carrie Snodgress of The Fury and David Carradine of Lone Wolf McQuade) are attending a Halloween masquerade party and decide to leave their precocious son Christopher in the care of Linda, a local babysitter. Christopher is a master of mischievous pranks and continuously batters Linda with them, until a bizarre turn of events unleashes a true madman, just escaped from a mental institution, who treats Christopher to a trick he will never forget…and his babysitter may never survive. Next time your doorbell rings, be prepared…because it's TRICK OR TREATS!

WIKIPEDIA: Trick or Treats is a 1982 American horror/comedy film directed by Gary Graver and starring Jackelyn Giroux, John Blyth Barrymore, Paul Bartel, David Carradine, J.L. Clark, Catherine E. Coulson, Maria Dillon, Chris Graver, Peter Jason, Jillian Kesner, Owen Orr, Dan Pastorini, Steve Railsback Jason Renard, Tim Rossovich, Carrie Snodgress, Allen Wisch and Nike Zachmanoglou. Though labelled as a slasher horror flick on many websites online, the audio commentary on the Code Red DVD mentions it was really meant to be a spoof of those types of films.

The film was released on VHS in the United States by Vestron Video in 1984. Home made DVD-Rs of an old VHS recording of the film have been available for sale online for years. On 11/09/2013, the film was officially released on DVD and Limited Edition Blu-ray by Code Red. You can find the Code Red DVD and Blu-ray for sale on and, they usually sell for $20 all the way up to $40 or more.

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Code Red DVD and Blu-ray front cover:

Norwegian Poster translates to Bloody Halloween:

Original Poster:

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