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Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Haddonfield Daytime Ambience, Breeze, Birds, Dogs Barking, Distant Traffic. The streets of Haddonfield were a quiet, blissful experience during the daytime, especially in the era that predated the infamous 'babysitter murders' of 1978. You never know where certain 'shapes' might be lurking; the sunny moodiness of Haddonfield '78 can be very misleading. Video by Brandon Tobatto:

Halloween (1978) Myers House Ambience. Sit outside the Myers House and listen to the sounds of Halloween Night. Video by Dr. Wolfenstein:

2nd Halloween (1978) Myers House Ambience, Wind, Dogs Barking, Rain, Trees & Leaves, Halloween. The tone of the Myers House exterior is calm and collected on Halloween Night 1963. The neighborhood is quiet and filled with subtle rainfall, fog, and fireflies. Although something heinous may be happening behind the doors of this home, it is rather pleasant out here. Michael! Video by Brandon Tobatto:

The Ambience of Halloween (1978). Sounds and music inspired by the 1978 Halloween film. Video by The Ambience Of Cinema:

Halloween 4 (1988) Countryside Ambience, Windy Fields, Leaves, Spooky Sounds. Remember the countryside opening credits sequence from 1988's 'Halloween 4'? This expands upon and adds to said sequence and truly allows one to explore those fields and farmlands. Absorb the spooky ambience of the forthcoming Halloween season, but beware, Uncle Mike could be lurking ANYWHERE! Video by Brandon Tobatto:

Halloween 4 (1988) Neighborhood Ambience, Windy streets, Crickets, Owls, & Trick-or-Treaters. It is Halloween in Haddonfield. It is 1988. Jamie is out trick-or-treating somewhere. Uncle Mike is on the prowl. Somewhere. These quiet streets are empty and filled with shadow, breeze, and a sort of silence accompanied only by the neighboring sounds of trick-or-treaters several blocks over, and the occasional dog barking. But, barking at what? Could it be Uncle Mike? Video by Brandon Tobatto:


  1. Those are interesting! Will have to spend some time checking them out.

    1. I watched the first Myers House video, Michael Myers appears standing next to the house every 8 minutes or so. The other video's look like the same scenes repeating over and over again, but I haven't watched them all the way through.