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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL Blu-ray, T-shirts, Posters, Treat Bag & More

WNUF Halloween Special is being released on a special Limited Edition Blu-ray limited to 2,500 units with an embossed slipcover (above), made to look like and old VHS box, designed by Earl Kessler Jr. The blu-ray is available for pre-order (ships Sept 28) exclusively at VinegarSyndrome.com. I fucking love this film, I have it on DVD and when it was first released on VHS, so I had to order the Blu-ray. Check out the Blu-ray features, apparel & merch collection, more info about the film, and trailer below.

Special Features:

  • Region A Blu-ray
  • Original Audio Commentary with Director Chris LaMartina
  • All New 2021 Group Commentary with Cast & Crew
  • Cutting Room Commercials
  • Outtakes and Bloopers
  • Rewinding the Fast Forward Segments
  • Shitty on Purpose: How We Aged WNUF
  • Original Trailer
  • WNUF Christmas Special
  • Long Lost WNUF Commercials Rediscovered for 2021 Release
  • Reversible cover
  • English SDH subtitles

Poltergeists and Paramours designed an officially licensed collection of apparel & other merchandise including limited edition screenprinted posters, t-shirts, and trick or treat bags coming Sept 13 only at poltergeistsandparamours.com. Check out the vintage TV ad t-shirt artwork below by Sadist Art Designs. I'll update this post with more artwork when it's released.

More info about the film from wikipedia.com:

WNUF Halloween Special is a 2013 comedy horror film directed primarily by Chris LaMartina, who also helped to co-write the film with Jimmy George. Parody commercials are shown throughout the film, some of which were written and directed by persons other than LaMartina. Its plot follows a television personality that decides to investigate strange supernatural occurrences at a house purported to be haunted.

While filming, director Chris LaMartina tried to make the film closely resemble 1980s footage and shot on vintage tape stock. Of the WNUF Halloween Special, LaMartina stated that as most viewers would be able to instantly tell that the movie was not an actual broadcast from the 1980s they instead tried to "make people remind themselves why they fell in love with VHS and blatant localism in the first place" and that the movie is "a love letter to VHS and public access TV."

LaMartina chose to include several faux commercials into the WNUF Halloween Special, as he wanted it to more closely resemble advertising for actual television shows, which will frequently interrupt a broadcast to repeat various commercials. Filming took place in an old rectory in Timonium, Maryland, and the crew made multiple copies of the film on several VCRs to degrade the film quality to where it would more closely resemble a bootleg VHS tape.

To publicize the film, LaMartina and the movie's producers left behind multiple VHS copies of the WNUF Halloween Special in various locations, such as a VHS convention in Pennsylvania, where they left them in bathrooms and tables. Their intent was that by doing this, they would start a successful whisper campaign. A sequel to the film called WNUF Halloween Sequel will be released in 2022.


Official Poster:


  1. This looks really funny....Love how they captured the Satanic Panic of the late 80's.

    1. It's a good mix of funny and horror. The Satanic Panic ties up the end of the film, very good ending. :)