Friday, October 29, 2021

HALLOWEEN HORROR Monster Mashup Artwork

Halloween The Night They Came Home (above) and Happy Halloween Tribute (below) artwork by John Dowding @thedarkonesposters

The Best Movies That Take Place on Halloween poll results at

3 versions of Halloween Horrorthon with subtle differences by Evgenij Kungur at @evgenijkungur and

Samhain Mashup artwork by Old Creeps Art Club @oldcreeps

...Trick 'r Treat Rules artwork (above & below) by Mario Myers @mario_myers_specialeffects

Sam's 4 Rules of Halloween artwork by Casey Booth Art @caseybooth, shop at

Sam's 4 Rules of Halloween artwork by Amber Myers @amyers_pinzz, shop at

Trick or Treat with Little Charlie, Pogo, Eddie, and Zody art created by Nache Ramos @nacheramosart for t-shirt by @creep_o_rama.

Trick 'r Treat (commission) art created by killb94 at for YouTube channel The Keno Corner.

Better Check the Peephole Sam tricks and treats with friends by Tony Orcutt @orcuttsart

Happy Halloween Horor Movie Mash-Up by Sam Rogers @samsillustration,

Halloween Party from Hell by Juan José Saldarriaga @juanjoseart1980

80's Halloween Party by Jim'll Paint It @jimllpaintit,
buy print at

Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, and Ghostface in Tesco ransacking the Halloween display and trying on masks of each other. They’re all making fun of Candyman because there aren’t any costumes of him and he’s in the background being comforted by the Tesco greeter and some old dears. By Jim'll Paint It @jimllpaintit.

Find Your Spirit painting featuring Trick 'r Treat's Sam along with lots of other horror icons by Taby Peters @cryptkittydesigns, shop at

Halloween Rising horror icons in a jack 'o lantern filled cemetery by Mika Cy Aldi @mika_mikaaldy

Halloween Horror artwork by Bon Bernardo @batang_90s_art,
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Halloween Horror Icons action figures pic by DarkCornerProduction at

Horror Monster Names Spell out Halloween by ? found at MichaelMyersFanGroup on


  1. Great fun! If the companies that own all the varied rights wanted to have some fun and make some money, an all in Monster Mash movie would rock!