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Thursday, October 28, 2021


Watch the opening scene of HE NEVER LEFT in the Indiegogo Campaign pitch video below. Described as A Halloween-themed slasher film that blends visceral realism with heavy atmosphere and nostalgia. Poster above by Marc Schoenbach at SadistArtDesigns.com:

From Indiegogo:


Witching Season Films was started in 2015 by filmmaker Michael Ballif, whose first project under the brand was a five-episode Halloween anthology, The Witching Season. Directed by Ballif and James Morris, the series had several viral hits on YouTube, went on to receive physical distribution through Scream Team Releasing, and landed a long-term spot on multiple streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Tubi.

In 2020, Witching Season Films released their first feature-length movie, They Live Inside Us (written and directed by Michael Ballif, starring James Morris), which went on to screen at numerous festivals, win several awards, and receive a global distribution deal from film giant Gravitas Ventures.

Now, in 2021, the company has begun production on their second feature-film, He Never Left (written and directed by James Morris), which tells the story of Gabriel, a fugitive hiding out in a rundown motel, who after hearing strange noises from an adjoining room, accidentally becomes the target of a notorious killer who’s legend has haunted the local community for decades.


Our tight-knit team of passionate, Halloween & horror-loving filmmakers have been hard at work deciding what project would come next. The global pandemic was (and continues to be) a major factor in many of the decisions made over the last couple of years, delaying multiple projects and throwing a wrench into numerous things we had hoped to get moving on.

However, for the past year, James Morris has been hard at work on a new concept, which was officially approved by founder Michael Ballif, and is now in pre-production with a hopeful release of late 2022.

The film is Written & Directed by James Morris and produced by Morris and Michael Ballif. Ballif will also be reprising his role as Cinematographer. The film will feature a new, terrifying score by Composer Randin Graves. Witching Season veterans Sadie Ballif, Allen Bradford, Hailey Nebeker, Jordan Swenson, and Samuel Morris are also returning. The film features an original and haunting mask created and designed by the one and only Billy-James of Open Grave FX. Taking everything we have learned from both The Witching Season and They Live Inside Us, our team is excited to create a new, terrifying installment in the Witching Season Films saga.

We at Witching Season Films have spent years trying to bring you (our audience) nostalgic, exciting, and often free content, and although we have come a long way, we are still turning to the passionate indie-horror community to help bring this project to life.


We've completed the opening sequence, but now we need to make the rest of the film. We are hoping to raise a starter fund of $15,000, which would allow us to fully-fund the basic needs.

We are planning to move into production in the early Spring of 2022.

Followers of our previous work know the type of quality we can achieve with very little, and we have always taken great pride in our transparency and refusal to inflate our production with unnecessary expenditures.

Obviously, the more we can raise the better, and any additional funds over-goal will absolutely be utilized directly into production, but starting small has never been a problem for us.


A message from James Morris (Writer/Director):

Making movies is such an interesting experience. Through all the stress, late nights, anxiety, and sweat, we continue on… why? Because there is nothing in this world that gives me more fulfilment than stepping back after all is said and done, and letting something I’ve helped create out into the world for everyone to see.

There is absolutely nothing like it.

I have been so lucky to have an amazing group of friends to work on these projects with, but all of us are also eternally grateful to you (those who support us, watch our content, put up with our antics, and stick around for better or worse). I know I can speak for everyone when I say that you are the reason we do what we do, you are the reason we continue to make films, and you are the reason we have no plans to stop.

With your help, myself and the rest of the Witching Season Films team can’t wait to bring you another horror-fueled feature-film, and we are eternally grateful for all of your continued support!

Let’s make a movie.


Supporting our crowdfund, whether it’s picking up one of our exciting perks, or hopping on board in one of our producer roles, is how this movie will get made. But just as important as physical contributions, so is word of mouth.

The indie-horror community full of incredible, talented, and passionate people, and the more of them we can reach the more successful this film will ultimately be.

So please, contribute, pick up some goodies, and help spread the word about this new film!

Perks include Thank You credit, signed 11x17 poster, signed blu-ray, t-shirt, sountrack bundle, vhs, signed 24x36 poster, signed script, He Never Left bundle, missing person photo extra, video chat with Count Spookula, screen used knife, screen used mask, associate producer, and executive producer.

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