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Tuesday, October 31, 2023


I missed this from earlier today, posted from @WitchingSeasonFilms:

We have one final Halloween trick up our sleeves this year from Witching Season Films. 🎃🍂 Posted on October 31, 2023 at 5 PM MST (4 Pacific, 7 Eastern), listen now below to a delightfully terrifying “live” Halloween night broadcast of the first installment of Witching Season Films audio horror story series WITCHING TALES OF HALLOWEEN, released on their YouTube Channel for the very first time! Find them at youtube.com/witchingseasonfilms.

"Legend of the Weeping Widow" is the first installment in the Witching Tales of Halloween audio horror story series. Inspired by vintage Halloween cassettes from the 1970s and beyond, this nostalgic audio anthology is sure to scare you right out of your skin! Sit back, close your eyes, and get terrified.

Our first ghastly tale follows Logan, a paranormal investigator who is dead set on testing the legend of a headstone that supposedly weeps on Halloween night. Things are not quite as they seem when he discovers the haunted house at the top of the hill has a striking resemblance to an antique dollhouse he inherited from his grandfather many years ago.

This 23-minute spookfest features a beautiful, original score by Gory Rory and vocal performances by Michael Ballif, Molly O'Blivion, Gory Rory, and Sadie Z Ballif. Cover art illustration by Rocky Gray. Tape design by Sadie Z Ballif.

Witching Season Films online:

What's on Tonight: ALL HALLOWS' EVE: TRICKSTER (2023) Will Unleash Hell + Reviews

From Ruthless Studios, All Hallows’ Eve: Trickster is now streaming on TubiTV. This is the third part of the All Hallows’ Eve franchise, which introduced the iconic slasher Art the Clown back in 2013. In the new anthology movie…

“When a lost traveler comes across an isolated rural gas station on Halloween night, she thinks she’s found her way home. Unbeknownst to her, the eerie gas station is the residence of a family of degenerate, devilish creatures. As the night descends into a hellish nightmare, the young woman becomes the center of an occult ritual featuring the devil himself.”

“During the early days of my career, my focus was always cheerleading the world of indie horror and its talented filmmakers. Getting a chance to continue to do so by breathing new life into some cool projects was an opportunity I couldn’t resist,” says Barton. “After a short film completes its festival run, it usually ends up languishing somewhere online with no one to watch it. From now on, the All Hallows’ Eve franchise will be a place for these movies to thrive and for these filmmakers to get the notice that they have so richly earned.”

C.E.O. of Ruthless Pictures, Jesse Baget, says, “Steve and Miguel have become two of the most trusted names in the horror genre. It was a pleasure working with them to scare up some new shivers for fans!” Baget continues, “Showcasing the work of indie filmmakers and giving their projects a place to shine outside of the various online platforms is vital for the trajectory of the horror genre. As we advance, the overall plan for the All Hallows’ Eve franchise is to create a shared universe where all of these monsters, maniacs, and spooky fun stuff can coexist.”

Directed by Evan Tramel, Mike Hickey, Jean-Paul Disciscio, Dan Lazarovits, Evan Gorski, and Francisco Lacerda. Produced by Steve Barton, Jesse Baget, and Miguel Rodriguez. The cast includes Mallory Fisher, Ann Marie Shea, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Alen Kolenovic, Tyler Steelman, and Francisco Lopes.

Don't know why the trailer is 20 seconds of Art the Clown, who is not even in the movie, and most of the remaining time is just fucking darkness.


SPOILERS!! All Deaths in All Hallows' Eve: Trickster (2023):

WHERE TO WATCH All Hallows Eve: Trickster (2023):


"...it's on par quality wise with its predecessor; not a complete shit bomb, but no rewatchable horror show that'll revolutionize the genre either. All Hallows' Eve: Trickster is more substandard flair that does not need to exist. But it does and therefore I say simply to give it a chance only if you're a die-hard fan of these films or anthologies in general." ★★ DopeAssGhost at Letterboxd.com

"It's lame. One of the shorts involves a one eyed alien raping a sleazy guy with a mutant dick...that was gross. None of the other segments stand out aside from some cool looking creatures just hanging out during the wraparound. The wraparound could've been a fun horror flick all it's own." ★★ xdude87 at Letterboxd.com

"Super inconsistent horror anthology with a wraparound that made zero sense. I really enjoyed a couple of segments but this really doesn’t cut it as a whole. This is a watch once and be done with it for me…" ★★½ internalburn at Letterboxd.com

YouTube Review:


USA VHS cover:

Canada VHS cover:

UK VHS cover:

Japnese VHS cover:

Netherlands VHS cover:

MonsterVision VHS cover:

In The Mouth Of Madness hosted by Joe Bob Briggs on TNT ad:

Joe Bob Briggs' Hollywood Halloween TNT ad (1999):

Don't miss Joe Bob Riggs' Halloween sèance with special guests Rhonda Shear (host of USA Network's Up All Night) and Joe Flaherty (host of SCTV's Monster Chiller Theater), featuring John Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness (1994). Originally aired on TNT on October 31, 1999 at 10:15 (ET/PT), commercials have been edited out.

Think you can tell the difference between fantasy and reality? Well, you won't after you sit through this nutcase of a film which is narrated by a madman in a straitjacket. Sam Neill plays the ill-fated insurance investigator who tries to locate a missing horror writer, obviously modeled on Stephen King, and winds up hopelessly insane - or is he? Directed by John Carpenter. With Jürgen Prochnow (as the writer, Sutter Cane)...read full transcript!

Watch below or at Archive.org...

...or watch just the hosting segments (movie edited out) with Joe Bob Briggs, Rhonda Shear and Count Floyd:

DVD cover:

Sutter Cane Blu-ray/Book cover:

Scream Factory Blu-ray front/reverse covers:

Monday, October 30, 2023


Available Now:

CHUCKY Creepy Carver artwork by Yannick Bouchard @moutchy_tee on t-shirt:

TIFFANY Creepy Carver artwork by Yannick Bouchard @moutchy_tee on t-shirt:

...in Bride of Chucky Collection at CavityColors.com:

CLICK HERE To See All T-shirts Artwork Collections

What's on Tonight: HELL HOUSE LLC ORIGINS: THE CARMICHAEL MANOR (2023) Devil’s Night Debut + Reviews

Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor will have it's exclusive streaming Devil’s Night debut on Shudder and AMC+ on Monday October 30, 2023. The fourth film in writer/director Stephen Cognetti’s Hell House LLC franchise is produced by Joe Bandelli, with Joe Dain and Jim Klock executive producing for Terror Films Releasing. The film had its festival premiere at the Telluride Horror Show from October 13 to 15.

Stephen Cognetti explained: “Although this is the fourth film in the Hell House LLC series, I want fans to know that this is not a ‘part 4’ or a prequel. In making the Carmichael Manor, I wanted to create an original story within the Hell House LLC universe yet set it in the present day instead of making a precursor to the original trilogy,” Cognetti said of the film, ”As a filmmaker, the Carmichael Manor allowed me to explore some of the themes and origins from the hotel’s mythology, while introducing new characters and mysteries surrounding the events that took place in 1989 in a stand-alone origin story, one of several I hope to create.”

The story takes place in 2021 and follows a group of internet sleuths who travel to the remote Carmichael Manor. Located deep in the woods of Rockland County, New York, the estate is the site of the infamous 1989 Carmichael family murders that have gone unsolved to this day. What they discover are secrets that have been hidden away for decades and a terror that has been lurking in the shadows long before Hell House.


Official Trailer:

Hallway Sounds movie clip:

Someone Is At The Door movie clip:

Call Button movie clip:

WHERE TO WATCH Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor (2023):


“Those who missed the spine-tingling terror those unsettling clowns bring will find that here, but Cognetti keeps things feeling fresh with new faces and lurking terror in open spaces. Some even in broad daylight. Most of all, this installment demonstrates there’s still plenty left in the creative well for both scares and storytelling; stay through the credits for even more proof of this.” ★★★½ Bloody-Disgusting.com

“It isn’t just Cognetti’s solid deployment of the backstory that impresses; he and cinematographer Josh Layton also show a devious command of camera mechanics, vital to the subjective found-footage experience. The astute positioning and focus to suggest liminal terrors is almost on a par with J-horror’s sharper alumni, managing to wring fresh fear out of old staples such as sinister door-knocks…” ★★★★ TheGuardian.com

“This Hell House is definitely a step in the right direction after the middling third entry. If creator Stephen Cognetti can continue to craft noticeably clever scares in creative ways, who would not love to make a return trip to The Carmichael Manor? Perhaps this Origins will be the first in a long line of side entries—be sure to stick around after the credits for a little hint as to what else may be in store.” ★★★ JoshAtTheMovies.com

” …the fourth installment is a repeat of previous ideas and falls short of its potential. My deep appreciation for Hell House LLC and Cognetti’s inventive concepts on a minimal budget will always be something I respect. However, it also leads me to believe that this universe may have made more of an impact had it remained a standalone film.” ★★½ LoudAndClearReviews.com

“The narrative structure cleverly intertwines a nonlinear timeline, effectively weaving together the past and present storylines through the use of found footage. This approach not only adds depth to the overall plot but also offers a fresh perspective on the events that transpired. Additionally, the inclusion of survivors from the earlier movies adds another layer of intrigue…” ★★★½ VanessasNonSpoilers.com

YouTube Reviews:


Friday, October 27, 2023

Poster Confirms TERRIFIER 3 is a Christmas Horror Movie

Leaked poster above and writer/director's tweet below confirms Terrifier 3 takes place on Christmas! Full story at Bloody-Disgusting.com. The third installment of the Art the Clown franchise is expected to release next fall 2024.

Damien Leone’s box office hit Terrifier 2 re-releases exclusively in theaters November 1st along with a sneak peek teaser for Terrifier 3. The first 100 attendees at each theater will receive the above poster, while supplies last.

Leone teases, “For those of you speculating that the Terrifier 3 teaser is just gonna be some 20 second gimmick, I assure you it’s a legit teaser/trailer, it’s over 2 minutes long, and you’re gonna f****** love it.

Maybe Damien Leone, Hell on Shirts and Terror Threads were giving us a hint when they released this artwork on t-shirts last Christmas:

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HALLOWEEN 45 YEARS OF TERROR Artwork Poster Collection

Halloween franchise artwork that was released this past year or so to celebrate HALLOWEEN 45 Years of Terror.

H45 by Chris Butler Designs at chrisbutlerdesigns.com:

Michael Myes 45 Years By Matthew Therrien @mt_illustration:

Michael Myers Halloween Franchise By Toni Vingle @tvart7:

Halloween (1978):

By Mariano Mattos @marianomattosart:

By Mariano Mattos @marianomattosart:

By Casey Booth Art @caseybooth:

By Cole Kluesner @colekluesner:

By Neil Fraser @neilfrasergraphics:

Steven Rhodes @stevenrhodesart:

By Justin Osbourn @slasherdesign on t-shirt at fright-rags.com:

By 12sketches @twelvesketches:

By Stephen Andrade @sandradeillustration:

By Chris Koehler @ckoehlerart and at chriskoehler.com:

By Rich Davies @turksworks and turksworks.co.uk:

By Chris Koehler @ckoehlerart and at chriskoehler.com:

By Aaron Lea @aaronlea, facebook.com/aaronlea and aaronlea.com:

By Melvin Mago @mlvnmg and melvinmago.com:

By Nick Charge @nickchargeart and hcgart.com/collections/vendors?q=Nick+Charge:

By Benedict Woodhead @benedict_woodhead, www.benedictwoodhead.com and hcgart.com/collections/benedictwoodhead:

By Tom Walker @tomwalkerart and posterfreaks.co.uk/collections/tom-walker:

By Tomasz Majewski @tomasz.majewski and hcgart.com/collections/vendors?q=Tomasz+Majewski:

By Francesca Pusceddu @francesca.puxeddu and www.francescapusceddu.com:

45 Years of Terror by Anthony Petrie Print @zombiebacons on t-shirts at CavityColors.com:

The Shape Stalks by Devon Whitehead on t-shirt at CavityColors.com:

Next 7 By Jason Edmiston buy 1st at jasonedmiston.bigcartel.com:

Eyes without a Face on t-shirt By Jason Edmiston @jasonedmistonart:

reversable slip mats By Jason Edmiston @jasonedmistonart:

By Jason Edmiston @jasonedmistonart:

3 prints By Matt Ryan Tobin @mattryan:

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982):

Eyes Without a Face portrait set By Jason Edmiston @jasonedmistonart:

By Matt Ryan Tobin @mattryan:

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988):

Cold Blood by Aaron Fulcher @fulcher.art t-shirt at TerrorThreads.com:

By Gibson Graphix @gibsongraphix and linktr.ee/Gibsongraphix:

Eyes Without a Face portraits By Jason Edmiston @jasonedmistonart:

3 prints By Matt Ryan Tobin @mattryan:

Danille Harris The Haunted Niece by Zachary Jackson Brown Art @zacharyjacksonbrownart on t-shirts at Fright-Rags.com:

By Justin Osbourn @slasherdesign on t-shirts at Fright-Rags.com

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers:

Double Feature by Sam Coyne @samhain1992 on t-shirt at GutterGarbs.com:

Eyes Without a Face portrait By Jason Edmiston @jasonedmistonart:

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers:

By Matt Ryan Tobin @mattryan:

Halloween H20 20 Year Later (1998):

By @posterchiefs:

Next 2 by Alt Fiction @alt_fiction:

Rob Zombie's Halloween (2007):

Evil Has A Destiny by Sam Coyne @samhain1992 on t-shirt at GutterGarbs.com

The Shape by Brandon Stecz @b.stecz on t-shirt at GutterGarbs.com:

Classic by Brandon Stecz @b.stecz on t-shirt at GutterGarbs.com:

Halloween Kills (2021):

By Mike Gambriel @mike.gambriel:

Halloween Ends (2022):

By Nathan Thomas Milliner @nathan_thomas_milliner:

By @posterchiefs:

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