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Tuesday, October 3, 2023


Pre-order your copy of The Witching Season II on Blu-ray and support Witching Season Films' crowdfunding efforts here: https://igg.me/at/thewitchingseasonii

Here's the official news copied from Witching Season Films' Facebook:

TERROR is back in season.

Happy Halloween, creeps! Beyond excited to reveal the official poster art for The Witching Season II, the long-anticipated follow-up to our Halloween horror anthology The Witching Season. Get ready for five more spine-tingling tales of terror and suspense that we hope will offer spooky season entertainment for years to come.

This time around, we are so excited to have teamed up with Slasher Dave who will conjure a nostalgia-induced musical score for all five episodes. And of course, we are working once again with the brilliant mind of Sadist Art Designs who has designed our beautiful poster art along with the title text logos for all five of our ghoulish tales.

We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign to try and make this installment as scarifying and monumental as we possibly can. Films take a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort, and it will only be possible with your support. Head over to the link in our bio and take a look at the spooky perks we are offering. You can pre-order the Blu-ray, DVD, VHS, or grab a poster, t-shirt, and a handful of other spooky goodies (check comments below for the link). Anything helps! Even sharing the campaign and this post!

We are so grateful for this wonderful community of Halloween-loving ghouls who have enabled us to continue our dream of making films and producing Halloween-fueled content. Thank you, from the bottom of our cold hearts.

Crowdfunding Campaign Video:

Witching Season Films online:

Episode list copied from the campaign:

We plan to unearth five more chilling tales in The Witching Season II, and in a similar fashion as our first installment, each episode will tackle a different, classic sub-genre of horror.

This time around, our sinister storytelling includes...

A little creature story.

A grim fable about death.

A classic vampire tale.

A scarecrow story from out of this world.

An 80s-style slasher with a pscyhological twist.

Whereas The Witching Season only had loose connections between episodes, every segment of The Witching Season II will have direct connections to the other stories surrounding it, creating a bit of extra fun and intrigue for those who pay attention to the gory details!

1. JACK-O'-SLIME (Directed by Michael Ballif)

Synopsis: Struggling to carve a Jack-O'-Lantern for a contest, a boy comes across a strange jar of green slime labeled “Jack-O’-Slime” in the back room of an oddball novelty shop. The substance claims to magically carve a pumpkin without doing any of the work. It appears successful, but there’s something wrong with the pumpkin.

2. GRIM PACT (Directed by James Morris)

Synopsis: A woman conducts a seance in a desperate effort to bring her deceased child back from the grave, but the otherworldly entity she must summon has its own set of rules. In order for a life to be given, a life must also be taken.

3. VAMP NIGHT (Directed by Michael Ballif)

Synopsis: On the road to a vampire-themed Halloween party (Vamp Night), a man encounters a strange hitchhiker dressed as a vampire. Something isn't quite right with the mysterious passenger and he needs to get him out of the car.

4. THE VESSEL (Directed by James Morris)

Synopsis: An isolated man, living in a camper on rural farmland, witnesses a strange cosmic event; an object from space that has crashlanded into a nearby field. But the object is carrying something, something inhuman... and it's looking for a vessel to inhabit.

5. HALLOWEEN SPECIAL (Directed by Michael Ballif)

Synopsis: A woman spends Halloween night with her grandmother in a haunted, victorian home. Upon discovering a mysterious VHS tape, simply labeled "Halloween Special", she quickly realizes she has unwittingly become entangled in its nightmarish tale.

...more info at: https://igg.me/at/thewitchingseasonii


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